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350 km through Europe’s last wilderness

Me and my sleddogs have been out in the snow for more than 25 years. Shortly before I turned 70 and after many long trail competitions it was time to announce my retirement and say good bye to my musher colleagues. Ever since I live in a little village in the northern part of Sweden. Now I’m 80 and my goal this year is to do a trip through the World Heritage Site of Laponia and write a documentary about the expedition. The region is located in Lapland and part of the worlds largest unmodified nature area.


What’s my goal?

The elements of living in solitary, finding the balance with the animals and bringing the needs of life in harmony with nature are fascinating me and many other people in this world. Finding peace in life and spending time with what I am passionate about is the essence of my happy life. I would like to talk about my motivation of experiencing excitement especially in advanced age and emphasize the simple things of life. Particularly in a society that seems to be constantly looking for something. The book will mainly be written in German. Some text passages will be translated in Swedish.


Why crowdfunding?

The thoughts about writing this book have been buzzing in my head for some time. Much is already certain but the wish of including an expedition like this has been growing more and more. It’s precisely the remoteness of this trail that is demanding a lot of me and requires a little update of my equipment. Your support mainly covers the printing and marketing costs of my book and possibly contributes a part to the equipment expenses.

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Who’s involved?

I’ll be on my own during the trail together with my dogs. Fabienne Theiler is supporting me with all the other elements of this project.