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TigerMetal basically is a new and very innovative Material to be formed to rings and accessories. We combine front-edge Technology and elegant design to produce exclusive jewelry with artistic value.

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70 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 30/6/2017

What is Tiger Metals about?

Using TigerMetals the material defines the design. Without the technology developed by us, it would not be possible to make these wonderful pieces of jewelry.

If you are concerned with the development of materials with functions, then sometimes a completely unexpected result happens: our «Tiger Metals» are an invention that looks so great that we had to make jewelry from it!

Tigermetals – the new, innovative and individual jewelery material with infinite possibilities.

Individually like you – The patterns are immediately recognizable as «tiger metal», whereby every single piece of jewelry, each ring, is unique and cannot be copied.

In addition to the high-tech materials used and the special manufacturing process, the uniqueness of the valuable goods is also part of our submitted patent. The jewelery and rings are especially defined by the design, which is made from the combination of the exclusive materials.

The material is unique and individual. An interwoven mixture of two or more material phases, which are retained throughout the entire process steps. Each piece is a non-copyable unique item made of precious metals and other high-quality materials. We start from the powder which is granulated and is sintered within seconds to a plate or a bolt in our rapid sintering press at up to 1000 °C. This base material is then further processed into the piece of jewelry in a number of further steps.

  • brooch from #gold-silver
    brooch from #gold-silver
  • ring #gold-titanium
    ring #gold-titanium
  • earring #titanium-silver
    earring #titanium-silver
  • several ring designs
    several ring designs
  • simple brooch #brass-silver
    simple brooch #brass-silver
  • cufflinks in #silver-gold
    cufflinks in #silver-gold
  • Ring-Muster Gold, Titan, Silber...
    Ring-Muster Gold, Titan, Silber...
  • Zuckerldose «Tiger-Metals.at»
    Zuckerldose «Tiger-Metals.at»

This is why we ask for your support

Yikes …. are they beautiful …. :-)

This is what we continuously hear, when we reveal our rings to somebody.

We are very proud of our invention and want the jewelry to be worn by people like you who would be equally proud to present these individual and innovative jewelry!

Chose your favorite personal reward

Of course there are rings and jewelery as a rewards! We will gladly arrange the ring sizes and individual shapes together after successful project financing.

As a highlight, we are of course also happy if you want to be involved in the production process and want to accompany your rings on their ways to become «jewelry»!

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We tailor the individual ring size with you personally after this successful crowdfunding campaign.

All rings in design #silver-titanium are also available in design #silver-brass on request.

  • Ring No. 1 - titanium/silver
    Ring No. 1 - titanium/silver
  • On a recent fair in Tokyo
    On a recent fair in Tokyo
  • Rings #tigerpattern
    Rings #tigerpattern
  • Ring No. 2 - silver/brass
    Ring No. 2 - silver/brass