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This is what it's all about.

We, Lara and Tuzo, are building a Tinyhouse Bed & Breakfast on the beautiful Island of Zanzibar, which we call our home. Our goal is to build 5 to 6 small houses which contain each 2 apartments on our plot in Jambiani. The fence is already done and we are working with full speed on the planning of the houses. Right now we are building with our incomes. To not get stuck in the middle of the process and to be ready for the next season, we need your help. Save your holidays in Zanzibar and support our tinyhouses!

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What's special.

We are young, energetic, we know exactly what we want (a nice way of saying we are stubborn) and a little bit crazy. If two of that kind meet, it can only mean a lot of fun and that anything is possible. Next to our drive, what makes this project a good one to support is, that we really care. We care about the people working for us, we care about the people living in our area. That is way we’ll support local Projects, schools and make sure we are a fair employer. With our own little baby on the way, we strive to make this Bed and Breakfast a happy and cozy place for everybody.

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Save your holiday with us.

In order to build smoothly and without any breaks and disturbances, we are in need of supporters and that’s why we use wemakeit. We want to give something back to every supporter! For example you can save yourself one week of accommodation in our future tinyhouses or you can name one of those after yourself!

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