TOKEN ECONOMY: Blockchain – tangible as an exciting board game

Sometimes it is difficult to deal with new things and blockchain is certainly one of those topics: A distributed database, a lot of technical terms and applications, which have not yet completely entered our everyday life, but which are expected to be very useful… We have thought about this for a long time and believe that everybody should find an easy access to this new technology. And the transfer of knowledge should work best in a playful way!

The result is TOKEN ECONOMY – a board game in which players immerse themselves in the world of blockchain. You and up to five friends can acquire different assets (e.g. a club, ski lift, the Matterhorn license or a tunnel) and bring it to the blockchain, which means you «tokenize» it. For each asset you receive a certain amount of tokens, which your friends can buy from you. In this way, you can build up smart participations and compete against each other – alone or in a team. Last but not least, TOKEN ECONOMY also has two exchanges where you can speculate with different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. But as always applies: Beside high profits also losses wave, which let you hurl fast from the field. And to make it even more funny, there is also a field where all players may toast: HODL my drink! (Oh, and one more thing: Event cards also influence the course of the game).

In short: TOKEN ECONOMY is a fun and exciting board game, which we developed and designed with great attention to detail and a strong reference to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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We want to make finance accessible to everyone

Two of us (namely Felix & Dominik) have been working in the banking sector for years and therefore we’re familiar with pretty much every opinion about our industry. And we know that financial topics are all too often labeled as complex, negative or boring. Yet they accompany us all our lives. And a few fundamental decisions in life depend on our knowledge of financial topics.

Thus, we want to use our experience and give something back with our project to provide a playful approach to financial topics for everyone. Without any fear of contact. And with the goal of arousing interest and enthusiasm for topics that are important and concern everyone.

TOKEN ECONOMY – and the playful exploration of a new technology and its financial applications – is only the beginning for us. In the future, we would like to develop more games dealing with financial topics, which can be one first step to a better financial education. That’s why we are very happy if TOKEN ECONOMY succeeds with your support!

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For this we need your support

The minimum amount of CHF 45’000.– ensures that our idea becomes a high-quality product and that we can put a first edition of TOKEN ECONOMY into production. The amount also covers all other costs and expenses that were or are necessary for the realization. Our board game is produced in the beautiful neighboring country Germany, uses sustainable materials and meets high environmental standards.

The CHF 45’000.- are made up of the following costs:

  • Prototypes creation: CHF 4’500.–
  • Design: CHF 11’000.–
  • Editing: CHF 2’500.–
  • Production & Logistics: CHF 22’500.–
  • Crowdfunding fees: CHF 4’500.–

With Loraine, we brought a very talented designer on board for the look of TOKEN ECONOMY. For her creative input and the many phone calls during the night and on weekends we cannot thank Loraine enough! It also goes without saying that she will be rewarded for her efforts. Dominik & Felix would simply like to realize their board game. They used their free time of the last year free of charge to inspire other people for financial topics.

Since during Corona many people have rediscovered their penchant for board games (which we think is great), we (unfortunately) have to join the long line of other clients for production :) The board game TOKEN ECONOMY would then be available from about spring 2021.

That’s why we need your help and thank you for any support. With your help we can realize our project and give people a playful and fascinating access to the world of blockchain & finance!

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