Torrent is a yearly magazine focusing on source materials by artists, edited by Daniel Kurjakovic and Linda Jensen. It features previously unpublished material from artists ongoing research archives.

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Funding issue No. 3 of Torrent magazine

With your support the eagerly awaited third issue of «Torrent—Source Material by Artists» will be out soon. Now independently published by the editors, your backing is key.

«Torrent» with its out of the ordinary approach to contemporary art contains only unpublished and rare materials, clever content, and great design.

The contributions are conceived by the artists themselves: alluring visuals from their on-going research files as well as vivid commentaries and ruminations. We make sure no conventional criticism, nor the standard stable of exhibition shots, nor any ads will spoil your pleasure!

The contributions, the editing, and graphic design have all been effectively (and fortuitously!) realized, only the last slice of printing and international shipping costs is missing.

The magazine is eagerly expected for release with first a launch event in Zurich in December, and later in Paris in 2016.

Five insitutions have already invited us to present and discuss the magazine. Lets not dissapoint them!

Third issue summary of Torrent Magazine

  • Sam Durant on art and alternative futures and the Global South via the African-Asian Conference of 1955 in Bandung, Indonesia
  • Peter Voss-Knude on power structures, re-reading the stereotypes of male relations in the military, where ultimately men love each other
  • Mariah Lookman on drawing in and through the invisible and infinite (with special mention of ants) and their genealogies in various world regions
  • Franck Leibovici on performing the open-sourced Jihad and choreographing information in the World Wide Web
  • Adam Vačkář on the deep sound of history, military and music, violence and beauty, synesthesia and personal lineages in Eastern Europe

The whole cost of the magazine’s production, fine-tuning and distribution come to CHF 9’500.

Former issue, issue no. 1 can be read here

Previous notable contributors include: Muhanned Cader (artist, Columbo), Choi Yan Chi (artist, Hong Kong), Enoch Cheung Hong Sang (artist, Hong Kong), Manuel Cirauqui (curator, New York), Martha Colburn (artist, New York), Florian Germann (artist, Switzerland), Roland Lüthi (archivist and artist, Switzerland), Vittorio Santoro (artist, Paris), Robert Storr (writer, curator and artist New York), David Platzker (curator, New York), Annie Lai Kuen Wan (artist, Hong Kong), Lawrence Weiner (artist, New York), Paul Winstanley (artist, London) And Cally Yu (writer, Hong Kong).

Snapshots of the previous No. 2 issue of Torrent

  • Contribution by Roland Lüthi
    Contribution by Roland Lüthi
  • Graphic design by Philipp Herrmann
    Graphic design by Philipp Herrmann
  • Robert Storr interview
    Robert Storr interview
  • Contribution by Florian Germann
    Contribution by Florian Germann
  • Graphic design by Philipp Hermann
    Graphic design by Philipp Hermann
  • Contribution by Roland Lüthi
    Contribution by Roland Lüthi
  • Graphic design by Philipp Hermann
    Graphic design by Philipp Hermann

Technical information

  • Texts in English
  • 120 pages
  • 1000 copies
  • 24.5 x 18 cm

Graphic design by Philipp Herrmann

The magazine will be available through Idea Books Amsterdam.

Highly appreciated avid readers include MoMA’s Christian Rattemeyer, the Harvey S. Shipley Miller Associate Curator in the Department of Drawings; Jane DeBevoise, Fabienne Ruppen, Swiss up-and-coming art historian, who’s in the process of uncovering secret aspects of Cézanne’s drawings; Argentinian dramaturge Laura Kalauz, known for her edgy performances and theatre pieces; Danish artist and DJ extraordinaire Kenneth Ruus Blakensteriner Cockwhore (who also produces the transgressive T-shirts if ever you are in need for any); New York cab driver Juan Palos (formerly studied anthropology in Mexico); artist Nalini Malani, one of the strongest representatives of the more multifaceted strand of Indian contemporary art; sharp-minded Jane Debevoise, Chair of the Board of Directors of Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong and New York; Juan Espolito, relocation specialist based in Harlem with a great taste in classical music; high-spirited Manuel Cirauqui, curator at DIA Foundation New York and many more.

Presentations have previously taken place at site such as Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Paris, Corner College, Zurich, Yvon Lambert Bookshop and Open Platform—Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong.

  • Christian Rattemeyer
    Christian Rattemeyer
  • Juan Espolito
    Juan Espolito
  • Fabienne Ruppen
    Fabienne Ruppen
  • David Platzker
    David Platzker
  • Hannah Harper and Adrian Mc Grath
    Hannah Harper and Adrian Mc Grath
  • Kenneth Ruus Blakensteriner Cockwhore
    Kenneth Ruus Blakensteriner Cockwhore
  • Milenko Lazic
    Milenko Lazic
  • Manuel Cirauqui
    Manuel Cirauqui
  • Yasmil Raymond
    Yasmil Raymond
  • Florian Germann
    Florian Germann
  • Jane Debevoise
    Jane Debevoise
  • Linda Jensen
    Linda Jensen