Hypo-what?! The hypocras, what is it?

Imagine … an unparalleled softness, boundless strength, a unique taste … it’s complicated to imagine the unimaginable, right?

The Ypocras or Hypocras is a sweet drink made of wine, honey and spices. Legend attributes its invention to the Greek physician Hippocrates in the fifth century BC. BC, but this name appears only in the fourteenth century. This drink was very famous in the Middle Ages for its tonic effects and for its anti-disease properties. Our design is based on the recipe of Pliny the Elder (23 ap.J.-C.).

Our recipe, after several tests performed with different wines, spice mixtures and maceration time, offers a tasty refreshment, regional and eco-friendly.


Our history

Two friends, a beautiful day, great discussion about the world and a lot of laughter and crazy ideas …

We begin to discuss old recipes and wine making techniques and go on Hypocras we love but who happens to be something rare and expensive.

We start to make a plan of 6 months, 1 year of manufacture. The recipe for Pliny does not specify anything about the maceration time of the ingredients, or on the type of wine to take, we decided to test to find the best recipe.

Every two months we have therefore made the Hypocras: 2 bottles of red, 2 white bottles –> including 1 bottle of red and white according to the original recipe of Pliny and the other two in our recipe.

After six months, we had 24 bottles.

We had planned a big meal of 12 dishes to accompany our various Hypocras and test with what tastes best they married. There was thus a 4-course menu that went with the white and a 4-course with red.

Satisfied with the results we decided we share with the world our «rediscovery». No sooner said than done, greater production of our favorite variants has been in the cellar for the tasting pleasure of the populace.

We now want to tell a wider audience this legendary drink and we turn to the Gentiles wemakeit.com patrons.


Our goals with your contributions

  • Purchase amphora storage
  • Purchase of equipment for the professional filter
  • Control bottles and enlarged plugs
  • Hire a local manufacturing and storage

Our future wishes

Professionalize manufacturing Hypocras and have the opportunity to create more different recipes in order to know and enjoy this delicious beverage to many people as possible. By taste of love (and no, we are not Amora;! 0)).

Why supporting us?

Because we are two people with a passion for the culinary delicacies combined all eras and countries and we unwittingly create a demand on the part of many people who had the opportunity to taste our tests.

This way, we want to honor that request and ultimately to benefit a larger portion of the population in more professional conditions than just in our respective kitchens (you have to start somewhere).

Without your help, our budget does not allow us to buy the useful equipment for this great project.