Travel Fund

The «Travel Fund» is part of the «Soul on Top» project, an annually held b-boying (breakdance) contest, that we as the AbsTracks association organise for the eighth time this year.

Crews participating at «Soul on Top» travel far and have to pay their trips out of their own pockets. Many of the participating dancers are adolescents and young adults with limited financial resources. We from the AbsTracks association have created the «Travel Fund» to help selected crews finance their journeys to «Soul on Top».

The «Travel Fund» is replenished with money from contributions, which we distribute to selected crews on application.


Crews can apply for support from the «Travel Fund» if they have to travel more than 400 km as the crow flies in order to get to «Soul on Top». The supported crews will be responsible for organizing their journey to «Soul on Top» including accommodation and food. The maximum amount awarded per crew (five dancers) are CHF 500.

Your contribution

With your contribution you support adolescents and young adults. You support people who exert themselves artistically and physically. You support people who foster and challenge body and mind.

We are grateful for your support. Get your own idea of the «Travel Fund» by coming to the Kaserne Basel on Sunday 17th of May 2015.


Project: Soul on Top

«Soul on Top» is a project of the AbsTracks Association. The project consists of a b-boying contest, which we organize in an honorary capacity once a year.

With the «Soul on Top» project we want to foster b-boying and its’ dancers. On one hand we want to enable dancers from Switzerland and all over Europe to compete and interact with each other. On the other hand we would like to introduce b-boying as an artistic and physical activity to a wider public and especially to adolescents and young adults. We want to show what force, creativity and originality people got and let everyone be part of it.

Event: Soul on Top VIII

The eighth edition of «Soul on Top» is taking place at the Kaserne Basel in Switzerland on Sunday 17th of May 2015. A host and two DJs will lead through the event.

32 crews made of five dancers each will participate at Soul on Top VIII. We expect crews from Switzerland and all over Europe. The crews will compete against each other in single encounters over five rounds in K.O. mode. In each encounter the two competing crews will try to persuade the jury of their superiority. The jury will choose the crew that has won the encounter and is to advance to the next round by raising their hands. The decisions will be made by a jury made ​​up of six independent and respected dancers.

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Crews supported at Soul on Top VIII

At Soul on Top VIII on Sunday 17th of May 2015 the following crews will be supported with contributions from the «Travel Fund»:

  • Furious Styles Crew (Spain / USA): CHF 400
  • Warsaw Fellaz (Warsaw, Poland): CHF 400
  • East Side Bboys (Ukraine): CHF 400
  • Ormus Klan (Cagliari, Italy): CHF 400

Association: AbsTracks

The AbsTracks Association is an association in the sense of art. 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. Our goals are the propagation of values, ideas and perspectives as well as the promotion of art and culture. In trying to attain these goals we build workgroups that elaborate projects.

We finance ourself through the income generated by our workgroups in projects, our membership fees and contributions by patrons. All our members work in a honorary capacity. If a project generates a profit we will reinvest it in our association’s other projects.

Our name is a pun composed by the two words «abstract» and «tracks». AbsTracks stands for an abstract track, a track which is consciously chosen, different and maybe a little bit strange. With the presentation of such AbsTracks we would like to provide people with the courage and power needed to make their own way and to express their creativity and originality. At the same time we want to ask people to respect each other’s originality and creativity.