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Très belle personne qu'était David Richards/Very beautiful person who was David Richards.
Voilà un excellente idée pour mettre en lumière un grand ingénieur du son & producteur, dont on ne parle pas assez ! Merci à vous pour cette initiative, j’espère qu’elle aboutira
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I was able to met David Richards in Montreux at QUEEN - The Studio Experience Opening event in 2013 for the very first time. I didn’t know that he was so ill. He was so kind and lovely to me, I will never forget the moment we had down in the studio. It was a shocking and a very, very sad moment for me as I’ve got the very sad news that he passed away a few days later only. I couldn’t believe it... So it was no question for me to support this wonderful tribute project when I heard and read about it. It’s not much, but I hope it helps a little bit. Thank you Mr. Richards, you are a legend and I will treasure this moment we had forever.
A lot of the music mixed by David is the inspiration for what I do now. Thank you frim Alfie Thomas
A wonderful Tribute to a wonderful warm kind person , a true inspiration.
Magnifique hommage pour une belle personne... Merci à vous pour cette belle initiative.
Good luck Let’s remember David with love,friends will be friends.
This is a wonderful way to tribute a wonderful guy friend and amazing engineer that David was ❤️