We are...

Giving art its freedom and people with trisomy 21 their art– the attempt to establish a dance company which functions according to the idea of a social inclusion, was a spring board for the I Dance company. We wanted to give our artists a chance to make dance their profession. Our company unites numerous performers with and without trisomy 21 and organizes regular dance and artistic events, which in the meantime became a permanent feature of the Austrian cultural scene.

What it’s all about...

The goal of the first Trisomy 21 Festival (2012) was to raise awareness for social inclusion. We wanted to create a space for the art that up to now was ridiculed and perceived as marginal. Since then there have been quite a few successes and earning us an established position on the cultural scene and in society. Many well known artists have already worked and performed with us, such as Erich Schleyer, Ingrid Burkhard, Carole Alston, Kyrre Kvam. Claus Peymann invited us on several occasions to his Berliner Ensemble, Peter Turrini wrote a piece for the company and performed it with us. Together with a Peruvian artist Luis Casanova Sorolla our dancers created «tableau vivant» and through a fusion of dance and painting rendered our art form not only tangible but also visual. The film «Signapura» stemming from this performance was shown in Austria as an interlude to the main program in Arthouse movie houses.

Our company also participated in a film «So wie du bist» («Just Like You Are») made for television by Dorfilm, ORF and ARD.

In 2016 we would like to continue along the path we embarked on in 2008. Even though we have achieved a lot, there is still plenty left to do…

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We need your help…

In 2016 we are staging Trisomy 21 Festival for the fifth time. This anniversary will be duly celebrated. For this purpose we plan to organize a sensational event in March. Our company will not only perform on its own, but will in addition invite other groups and companies in order to jointly experience the unique atmosphere of the Festival. This undertaking was difficult to implement until now since it draws on substantial financial resources.

Furthermore we continue our relentless efforts to help our artists turn their dream into a profession. It is not an easy task, but in the person of Mathias Gmainer we have in 2015 the first performer, who successfully passed the equal representation exam to become a graduated actor and therefore the first officially recognized actor with trisomy 21 in Austria.

To achieve all this, we need your financial support otherwise the I Dance company would simply not survive being a volunteer project.

We thank you!

We would like to already thank you for your support. Every cent that you contribute brings the members of I Dance a little step further towards an inclusive society.

If you would like to learn more, send us an e-mail to: office@idancecompany.at