Tibet Film Festival (India) Needs A Projector

Tibet Film Festival – India requires a professional projector to create the magic of a theatre experience with sharp image and clear sound.

Who We Are

We – a group of enthusiastic film lovers – are lucky and honoured to receive tremendous response from our audience at Tibet Film Festival. The Short Film Competition always brings the most spontaneous and emotional reaction from our audiences.

Our wide and exciting line-up of films from Tibet and from exile, engages not only our local audience but perks the curiosity of film-enthusiasts the world over.

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What We Strive For

It is hugely important for us to have a strong presence of Tibetan filmmakers from Tibet at our festival. We feel a strong obligation to support, encourage and showcase their filmmaking endeavours to Tibetans in exile, and want to be able to share their successes with you.

However, our biggest challenge is acquiring professional, good quality, equipment that can take Tibet Film Festival to the next level of providing an authentic cinema experience to our audience.

A New Venue With Capacity for 2000

In the past, we have hosted our festival at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts’ Hall in DHaramsala, which due to large-scale renovation work, cannot be used this year for the venue.

The Opening Night of the Festival will be held at the Tibetan CHildren’s Village Hall, Dharamsala. Unfortunately, TCV school cannot provide a professional projector for the Opening Night Premier screening of Pawo the movie.

A Sharp Image and A Clear Sound

Our new venue, therefore, requires a strong lens projector which can ensure good quality, sharp image for an audience of nearly 2000 people. Renting such a projector will be very expensive, and is not a sustainable option for the long-run.

A Professional Projector

To fulfill this crucial need of procuring a high-quality projector, we have identified Canon Xeed WIX5010 as the projector we aim to purchase, costing approximately 5500 USD. We view this purchase as a one-time investment that will enable the growth, self-sustenance and creativity of Tibet Film Festival.

Owning a projector will also allow us to organise small screenings at regular intervals in the Tibetan community to achieve our goal of encouraging and inculcating a strong sensibility and appreciation of films and art in the Tibetan community.

In case we do not reach our fundraising goal, we will go for the second best option to create a true feel of cinema!