TSUGI = JAPANESE for Hand to Hand, Connection

Good honest craftsmanship, for the residents of the neighborhood and for all those who appreciate delicacies…

We are a small team and wish to become a real neighborhood bakery.

In the morning a croissant and a coffee, at noon a quiche and in the evening a fresh bread: This is what Tsugi is about!


What is SPECIAL about us

Our small assortment of baked goods - from cardamom buns, to croissants with fermented butter, to fresh sourdough bread - is made with a lot of handwork and love. We use mainly regional organic products and attach great importance to climate friendliness.

Jinny, our master baker, learned her craft in Japan and so our recipes are also influenced by Japanese traditions and innovations.

Basil, who grew up in Zurich, still remembers how there was at least one small bakery in every neighborhood in Zurich in the 1990s. Now, however, there are hardly any of them left.

We want to revive the extinct culture of neighborhood bakeries, preserve the art of the bakery craft, and not leave the production of important foodstuffs such as bread and baked goods to large-scale producers alone.

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The HEART of our bakery, the OVEN

All the money we raise via crowdfunding will be used for the centerpiece of our bakery: the oven. Our fine products, all of which we make on site, will be baked in it.