Our project:

We, Anne, Dea, Gabi and Patrick, are a group of environmental scientists who have had enough of food waste and plastic packaging in our everyday lives. It is outrageous that we are throwing away a vast amounts of valuable food while a large part of the world’s population is suffering from hunger. Our garbage dumps are becoming bigger and bigger – per capita we produce about 730 kg of waste every year! Waste, more specifically, plastic waste, pollutes our oceans and landscapes, it kills many living creatures and in the end, comes back onto our plates after making its way through the food chain. We cannot continue living like this. We want to introduce you to options. That is why we are opening a package-free bulk shop at Schaffhauserstrasse 74 in Zurich!

At Chez Mamie, you can fill your own containers with as much or as little product as you need. This reduces packaging and food waste as well. Our products are sold by weight and are predominantly organic, fair and locally produced!

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What we already have:

We supply dried goods such as pasta, rice, beans, nuts, flour, fruits, and chocolates, and cooking necessities such as vinegar, oil, yeast and spices, and so much more. Additionally you can find a large selection of cosmetics, hygiene products and cleaning products as well as dog and cat food. We are also offering gluten-free breads, deserts and delicious fresh made salads and juices from James Jar & Co!

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Why do we need your support:

We still have many products on our wish list, including yogurt, cheese, fresh vegetables and fruits. But we also want to offer you tailored products and give you the opportunity to make them in the store. Do you like almond butter, peanut butter or hazelnut cream? Are you a granola-junkie? A coffee connoisseur? Wouldn’t it be great if you could grind your own nut butter or coffee and make granola in shop?

For all these products we need a grinder, a mill, a refrigerator and many other products, therefore we need your support!

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What you get:

With your donation, you will help us build our shop and be part of the change we want to see in our society. We are grateful for your support and would like to give you a small token of our appreciation. By supporting us you will receive a reusable Chez Mamie glass jar, a subscription to our in store fresh made nut butters, a day to get to know the Chez Mamie team and much more.

The final motivation:

Every day a thousands of packaged items are sold, which create a huge amount of waste. Help us change this mindset by creating a place where it is easy to buy organic and waste-free products!

Many thanks!