«Virtual World»

Star Labs wants to create an interactive cinema experience for spectators by presenting its first project to the public. A special kind of horror experience, follow the story through highly developed glasses which allow a three dimensional view of the virtual world thanks to lenses, sensor technology and special software. Furthermore, we developed a «kit» so that people can feel the presence of the actors through kinaesthetic impressions.


What goal do we want to achieve with this project?

We would like our spectators and sponsors to see and feel our cinematic innovation. An exciting story, with surprising turns and shocking moments. As interactive discoverer of this cinematic 360° adventure you will experience new thrills and immersions throughout the storyline.

What do you imagine it to be like? What is the one thing you have always wanted to experience?

It is our aim to tell good stories, surprise spectators and also scare in our horror movies whilst always inspiring their own imagination anew. Strong stimuli arouse strong emotions and we want to create a fascinating experience of spatial representation through our holistic show. See the contrast to watching a regular movie, sitting in the cinema was yesterday, Virtual Reality is today and you can become part of it.

Horror serves our project as the start of entering this new technological world full of possibilities. Moreover, it is our long-term goal to consistently create new concepts and genres in order to enthuse our fans on a regular basis.

Please support us with your contribution and enter the new dimension of entertainment with us. Big success comes from many small steps as well as fruitful collaboration.

With this project we aim to mark the beginning of a journey and we are happy to live in a time which promotes joint efforts. Let’s lay this cornerstone together and help us tell the story of these movies.

The time for new developments and unprecedented creative quantum leaps has come NOW. A virtual journey of the mind can now become a reality.

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Do you dare to enter the Virtual World?

Do you want to be overwhelmed by something you have never known and seen before? YOU are the centre of the story, let’s write it together.

What do we need your support for?

  • Initial financing of basic equipment.
  • Further development of the kinaesthetic kit – effects bar, water and wind effects.
  • Project development of new ideas and implementation in other movie genres.
  • Constant further development of our holistic package of technology, dramaturgy – both virtual and real in order to guarantee our fans an overall experience with good stories.
  • Planning of a tour through Austria, during which we want to surprise everybody in all nine counties. As soon as we can see success on a national level, we would also like to extend the show on an international level, with initial stops in Germany, followed by shows in other European neighbouring countries.

What do you get out of it?

  • From the vision to the implementation, become a co-founder of the first generation of this new cinema experience.
  • Cinema showings in all big sized Austrian counties and you can be there.
  • Various goodies as a thank you for your support.
  • Overcome fear.
  • Test your limits in the Virtual World.
  • Adrenaline rush.