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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to San Francisco. But this may be of interest to you.
Agriculture and Tourism

A house in Nicaragua

Walls and roof are built. We'd like to finish the house and rent it to nature and coffee lovers. This will increase the income of the coffee growing family, reinvesting in the coffee processing...
by Ya The Bo, Aranjuez
28% funded
CHF 1’697 pledged
17 backers
Agriculture, Kids / Youth, and Education


Sustainable and social development project in permaculture aiming to grow food for the children of the school and teach pathways to self-sufficiency.
by Olivia et David, Petite-Riviere-de-Nippes
110% funded
CHF 16’575 pledged
100 backers
Agriculture, Technology, and Environment

Biogasanlage für unter 100$

Planung und Umsetzung einer Molkegäranlage zur Produktion von Methangas für 3. Weltländer. Produktionskosten unter 100$. Prototyp soll als Hilfsprojekt in Kolumbien eingesetzt werden.
by Marlon, Guatapé, Basel, and San Rafael
10% funded
CHF 500 pledged
4 backers
Agriculture, tourism, and Environment

Eco-Park with peace: Amalaka

AMALAKA: Where the tropical heat and the indigenous wisdom come together. Ecotourism, organic farming, alternative energy, culture and sport! For local, national and international visitors!
by Amalaka, Totoró
101% funded
EUR 28’250 pledged
13 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Environment

Ferme Bio, Yes we can!!

Nous sommes ravis d’avoir découvert cette vallée source de vie, emplie de la présence du millénaire peuple quechua, avec lequel nous nous sommes engagés pour une agriculture durable.
by Fico & Héloïse, Sipe Sipe
102% funded
CHF 22’682 pledged
52 backers
Food, agriculture, and Technology

Gemüsefischen – Aquaponics at «Holzmarkt» Berlin

Cultivation of crops and aquaculture in one resource saving system, under the same roof, on top of a roof. The idea is brilliant. But does it also taste?
by Holzmarkt Genossenschaft, Berlin
107% funded
EUR 21’599 pledged
337 backers
Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Environment

I hear the stoat,...

Thanks to the WWF project «Connexions naturelles», let’s create biological corridors together and give animals a chance to move between natural areas!
by WWF Swiss, Suisse
29% funded
CHF 2’390 pledged
43 backers
Agriculture, tourism, and Environment

Permaculture? Portugal!

To mitigate climate change, sustainable agriculture and lifestyles are needed. Support us in buying a plot and we will give you self-found places – far away from the tourism.
by KevinB and Urs Frick, São Marcos da Serra and Urnäsch
2% funded
CHF 1’257 pledged
16 backers
Food, Startup, and Agriculture

Dorfkäserei Allschwil

Im Milchhüsli Allschwil soll wieder Milch verarbeitet werden! Regionale Bio Milch soll direkt und frisch im Milchhüsli in einer kleinen Manufaktur zu regionalen Käsespezialitäten verarbeitet werden.
by Pcoulin, Allschwil
170% funded
CHF 68’110 pledged
276 backers
Agriculture and Art

Fleur de Joie

C’est un projet de création d’une entreprise familiale de petites cultures maraîchères aux Franches-Montagnes et de construction métallique et autres créations artisanales en bois et en métal.
by Famille Jeannerat Matthey, Muriaux
67% funded
CHF 7’525 pledged
16 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Agriculture

«Cowcam» Das Buch

Kühe fotografieren ihre Welt. Die Kamera in der Kuhglocke macht alle 10 Minuten ein Bild. Sie geht mit Maisie, Lola und anderen Kühen über Weiden in der ganzen Schweiz.
by Christoph Sigrist and Daniel von Rüti, Zurich and Basel
137% funded
CHF 10’995 pledged
108 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Environment


Im Herzen von Basel, selber anpflanzen, ernten, geniessen und gemeinschaftlich arbeiten!
Wir bieten Familien, WGs, Schulklassen und allen Interessierten ein Stück Landwirtschaftsfläche.
by Lecker-Acker, Basel
103% funded
CHF 30’921 pledged
39 backers