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Food, agriculture, and Environment

Alpomat: the mini farm store

A farm store, but in the middle of the city! The Alpomat offers the best regional farm and alpine products directly from the farm. Sustainable for all: fair prices, environmentally & animal friendly.
by Alpomat and Kleinbauern-Vereinigung, Zürich
0% funded
CHF 195 pledged
37 days to go
Food, agriculture, and Community

Sommelier EVO Oil

I am passionate about cooking and food, I am starting an olive growing project for my independence. Your help is precious for my dream and to acquire the Sommelier-Evo-Oil patent!
by Garziano Gourmet, Basel
23% funded
CHF 693 pledged
30 days to go
Agriculture, Design, and Environment

Biologisch abbaubarer Topf

Nachhaltiger Christbaum im biologisch abbaubaren HAPPY TREE® Topf! Verbringen Sie Weihnachten mit einem lebenden Baum mit Wurzeln. Die Bäume werden wieder gepflanzt und beeinflussen das Klima positiv.
by Bruno & Adrian, Zürich, Bern, and Basel
0% funded
CHF 50 pledged
26 days to go
Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Environment

terre & lumière Weinbau

Ich bin ein biodynamischer Winzer aus Biel am Anfang seiner Selbständigkeit. Für die Finanzierung dieses nachhaltigen Weinbauprojektes sowie die Einrichtung des Weinkellers ist eure Mithilfe wertvoll!
by Marius, Biel
118% funded
CHF 47’233 pledged
30 days to go
Agriculture, Kids / Youth, and Technology

Tuk-Tuk Garden

Soutenez-nous pour créer des potagers urbains aux cœurs des villages reculés du Kenya pour les habitants victimes de la crise nutritionnelle.
by Steve Katana, Malindi, Nairobi, and Mombasa
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
11 days to go
Agriculture, Environment, and Animals

Rescue of Fawns in Neuchâtel

We use specialized drones equipped with thermal cameras to locate and secure fawns during the harvesting of agricultural fields in the Neuchâtel region.
by Mikeswildlife, Neuchâtel
100% funded
CHF 8’510 pledged
48 backers
Agriculture, Music, and Performing Arts

soprano at work

Eine musikalische Holz-Performance, die klassischen Gesang mit
traditionsreichem Holzhacken verbindet und charmant vom Schlichten und Scheitern erzählt. Garantiert umweltverträglich!
by Johanna / soprano at work, Lembach im Mühlkreis
116% funded
EUR 5’338 pledged
81 backers
Food, agriculture, and Environment

Lupi'Food – Swiss lupin

Support us with the development of a new local and sustainable plant-protein value chain: from production to processing of Swiss lupin.
by LupiFood, Coralie Rognon, and Ludivine, Orbe
163% funded
CHF 29’392 pledged
184 backers
Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Environment

La ferme d'Emilie

La ferme familiale va effectuer quelques transformations dont la plantation d’arbustes de petits fruits et une transition vers l’agriculture biologique.

by Emilie Mayor, Grandcour
116% funded
CHF 25’525 pledged
138 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Animals

Sauvetage Faons Vully

Achat d'un drone avec caméra thermiques pour le sauvetage des faons dans les parcelles de foins.
by Lionel Biolley, Mont-Vully
108% funded
CHF 8’640 pledged
88 backers
Agriculture and Environment

La Ferme de Bois du Nant

Aidez-nous à démarrer notre micro-ferme maraîchère! Des légumes, des fruits, un marché à la ferme, des paniers hebdomadaires, le tout dans le respect du sol et des organismes vivants.
by La Ferme de Bois du Nant, Eysins
104% funded
CHF 26’200 pledged
141 backers
Agriculture, Environment, and Animals

Plant a wild hedge

We want to plant a wild hedge in our garden to give space and food to birds, bees and all other lovely creatures that want to visit us.

by MonaMolch, Degersheim
144% funded
CHF 1’440 pledged
12 backers