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Startup, Technology, and Tourism


Campingferien sind im Trend

by Firstcamping Holidays

Ferien auf Campingplätzen sind im Trend. Top-Unterkünfte auf Top-Plätzen haben wir bereits. Was noch fehlt ist eine gute Online-Buchbarkeit. Zusammen mit dir machen wir diesen wichtigen Schritt.

CHF 550
2 %
41 days to go

Technology, tourism, and Education


GeoQ von SchulArena

by schularena

Seit bald 20 Jahren bieten wir kostenlose Inhalte für die Schule an. GeoQ wird ein Webtool, das weit über die Schule hinaus für viele Menschen coole Quests ermöglicht. Danke für deine Unterstützung!

CHF 1’580
12 %
37 days to go

Sport and Technology

Jona SG

Es soll ein Session Tagebuch für Wingfoiler entstehen. Registrierte Benutzer können Ihre Tagessession Daten per definiertem Formular mit Bildern und .gpx Datei ganz einfach bei hochladen.

CHF 200
16 %
24 days to go

Startup, Technology, and Environment


Shiiped is a startup aiming to boost shared economy and clean mobility with its on demand peer to peer delivery platform. Everyone can have an impact on the environnement by mutualising ressources.

CHF 1’050
8 %
4 days to go

Games, Startup, and Technology


Abardon was privately developed as an indie browser game. The strategic roleplaying game is already live. However, the funds for further development are reaching the limit & need support.

CHF 420
4 %
18 days to go

Sport, Dance, and Technology


FOR YOU, dear dancers, we create «Dance Avatars» - your own 3D Motion Capture dance animations. Our «MoCap» Avatars are 3D and interactive, give 3D views from any angle! And you have your own «skin»!

CHF 560
1 %
15 days to go

Food, Technology, and Environment

Winterthur and Osijek

Jack le Chef

by ivaze

Keep an eye on your fridge with «Jack le Chef»: Our app helps you prevent food waste, supports you with varied recipes and helps you save money! The ultimate household food management tool.

CHF 20
0 %
1 backer

Community, Kids / Youth, and Technology


Hallo! Wir sind Jakob und Lian (14 und 15 Jahre). Für unsere Projektarbeit wollen wir einen PC so günstig wie möglich selbst bauen. Wir wollen ausserdem herausfinden ob man dies nachhaltig tun kann.

CHF 1’000
100 %
15 backers

Fashion, Technology, and Environment


Bli Bli Dressing

by Régis, Oxana, and Sonya

Bli Bli is an ecological innovation for second hand. Instead of sending the item by mail, buyers and sellers are connected through relay stores in their regions.

CHF 50’000
200 %
61 backers

Startup, Music, and Technology


Help us democratize music composition. A project where music scores meet artificial intelligence to explore and train our creativity.

CHF 15’165
101 %
53 backers

Photography, Community, and Technology


Support me in starting my photography business DriveOn. So that I can take off as a self-employed photographer in a wheelchair.

CHF 10’276
102 %
94 backers

Community, Technology, and Education


The abo!

by fablabneuch

The FabLab-Neuch is becoming more and more accessible! The Abo! is a (very) affordable subscription that offers (almost) unlimited access to the FabLab and its various fabrication tools.