Walls and roof are built. We'd like to finish the house and rent it to nature and coffee lovers. This will increase the income of the coffee growing family, reinvesting in the coffee processing...

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 30/3/2018

This is what it's all about.

Walls and roof already exist. We want to finish the house and rent it to people who loves coffee and intact nature. The benefits go to the family but also give people a chance to discover what coffee is all about and what efforts are made to care for the environment. The idea is about setting up the house on an international standard with kitchen, bathroom and a wooden floor. Just what’s needed to feel comfortable. All materials will be bought as near as possible and local workers will be fairly paid for the different works needed.

My project is special because ...

The house already exist. But no one has the money the finish it. The money from coffee sales is just good enough to cover the costs of the production. How will they invest in a new infrastructure? Who is going to pay the university for the kids? How to continue the education? Who is going replace the 20 years old Toyota? This and many others questions occupied our mind and the house seems to be part of the solution. If we can finish the house and rent it, there will be money to reinvest in what is necessary. That’s where you come in! With your help we will be able to finish the house pretty quickly! Nature lovers will have the possibility to discover the beautiful region of Cerro Arenal, the coffee growing there and the people living and carrying for this awesome environment!

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First we have to rebuild the roof partially. The floor is only hard-packed earth. We want to put a wooden floor. Water and electricity are connected but we have to distribute it. There’s no kitchen nor bathroom. We want to put a gas cooker, sink, a table and chairs. A shower and a closet for the bathroom keeping the ancient furniture. The window in the living room will be expand to the maximum to enjoy the scenic view. And last but not least, the walls will be painted and the house equipped with everything needed to enjoy the stay.