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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Genzano di Lucania. But this may be of interest to you.
Architecture, Journalism, and Tourism

La Croatie monumentale

Vous connaissez déjà la superbe côte adriatique croate? Je vous propose un reportage en sons, images et textes à l’intérieur des terres. A la recherche de monuments érigés du temps de la Yougoslavie.
by danielle majani, Jasenovac, Kumrovec, and Zagreb
115% funded
CHF 1’555 pledged
21 backers
Exhibition, Publishing, and Architecture

Lifting the Curtain

The impressive Central European Architecture of the past 100 years is a rather unknown topic. «Lifting the Curtain» wants to change that with an exhibition and a book.
by Lifting the Curtain, Vienna, Warsaw, and Venice
102% funded
EUR 3’072 pledged
40 backers
Architecture, Community, and Tourism

Refuge pour chiens / Pyrgos

Construction du nouveau refuge; terrain acheté, clôture posée. Nous avons besoin de votre aide pour le premier bâtiment infirmerie/bureau/stock nourriture.
by Bernie, Pyrgos and Peloponnese
103% funded
EUR 26’000 pledged
110 backers
Agriculture, architecture, and Environment

Bau mit uns ein Tiny House!

Self-sufficency while living in a tiny house – we want to build the first mobile tiny house in the Südburgenland! We will offer workshops on how to run a farm like Sepp Holzer would.
by WildnisKulturHof, backofficeandmore, and Judith Anger, Jennersdorf
125% funded
EUR 7’533 pledged
60 backers
Publishing, architecture, and Community

wohnlabor: das buch.

Wie geht eigentlich Wohnen? Wir haben recherchiert, gemeinsam geforscht und dabei besonders gemeinschaftliches Wohnen und Planen unter die Lupe genommen. Das Buch zum bunten Workshop entsteht gerade.
by wohnlabor, das., Graz
111% funded
EUR 2’480 pledged
65 backers
Exhibition, architecture, and Art

Landschaft revisited

Eine kleine Kulturinitiative begeistert renommierten Museumsdirektor für die Idee statt Skifahrer+Schneekanonen einen Künstler am Berg in Aktion treten zu lassen. Der kommt mit einem Containeratelier.
by Klaus Zeitler/Roland Wallner, Hinterstoder
10% funded
EUR 850 pledged
10 backers
Architecture and Community

Una mensa per Casa Astra

Dobbiamo terminare i lavori della nuova mensa di Casa Astra, unico centro di prima accoglienza in Ticino. Accogliamo, dal 2004, persone con problemi di alloggio, alloggio precario e problemi sociali.
by Casa Astra, Mendrisio
2% funded
CHF 1’135 pledged
15 backers
Exhibition, Photography, and Architecture

The People of Soglio

Exhibition of the serie «The People of Soglio» (1991) by the American photographer Evelyn Hofer in two historic buildings in Soglio.
by Elena Giacometti, Bregaglia
32% funded
CHF 3’860 pledged
11 backers
Architecture, Community, and Tourism

The Silence HOME

An Oasis of quiet on the shore of Lugano Lake. A peaceful, relaxing space dedicated to health and wellness. An international meeting place where meeting people with an exquisite taste like you.
by Parvati, Lugano and Lugano
4% funded
CHF 375 pledged
6 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Architecture

Bogdan Bogdanović Library

this will be a book about books. a record of Bogdanovic's personal library through photos plus selected books. the library is located in the apartment in Belgrade where nothing changed over decades.
by Wolfgang Thaler, Ljubica Slavković, and Jelica Jovanovic, Vienna and Belgrade
114% funded
EUR 4’135 pledged
60 backers
Exhibition, architecture, and Art

Lebendiger Stein

Lisa Hubers Herzenswunsch ist es, die Schlusssteine im Wiener Stephansdom in ihrer künstlerischen Sprache nachzuschaffen und Anderen zu ermöglichen, die Architektur neu zu entdecken
by Lisa, Vienna
12% funded
EUR 4’495 pledged
18 backers
Architecture, Community, and Art

Park – macht Platz für dich!

Park macht Platz für Gemeinschaft, Diskurs und Arbeit! Als temporäre, partizipativ angelegte Rauminstallation aus Holz denkt Park mit dir den Wiener Naschmarkt neu.
by Team Wien, Vienna
110% funded
EUR 16’572 pledged
106 backers