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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Londres. But this may be of interest to you.
Architecture, art, and Technology

Digital Mental Transposition

DMT, a living environment where via a EEG Headset the participants can adapt the ambience of the performance to match their brain activity.Let yourself get transposed into a multisensorial experience.
by In-Dialog, Codin Segal, and Tara Habis, Paris
105% funded
EUR 26’265 pledged
20 backers
Publishing and Architecture

Fragments of Metropolis R&R

The architecture of expressionism – the style of the Golden Twenties – documented for the first time through all of the surviving buildings of the urban landscape of the Rhine-Ruhr.
by Christoph Rauhut / Niels Lehmann, Essen
148% funded
EUR 7’417 pledged
164 backers
Architecture, Community, and Art

Colour Eitorf.

A unique art project to be installed in a swimming center. Aiming to bring colour and art into a place where it normally does not belong.
by Ray, Eitorf
9% funded
EUR 505 pledged
8 backers
Architecture and Environment

Oasis au Lac

A small but powerfull oasis, ecologically responsible. Holiday cottage for rent. A small practice for holistic treatments. A SUP Center. A magical place of encounter and inspiration.
by Anna Biro, Puttelange-aux-Lacs
3% funded
EUR 2’067 pledged
7 backers

The Tower of the Bourbons

Join us for the most exciting project at Château de Busset since the Seventh Crusade – the restauration of the Tower of Templars and the creation of the «Suite des Bourbons», near Vichy in France.
by Château de Busset, Vichy
2% funded
CHF 1’372 pledged
4 backers
Architecture, Community, and Environment

Hydro power at ancient mill

Moulin de Courcelles has operated as a hydro power site for over 600 years. Out of respect for the historic and ecological integrity of the site, we are restoring its hydro power capability.
by Association Bicycle Power, Arbois
1% funded
EUR 375 pledged
3 backers
Architecture, art, and Tourism

Hôtel Fleur-de-Lis, le Locle

An der Grand-Rue 1 befindet sich das Gebäude, von dem aus die Neuenburger Revolution im Jahre 1848 ihren Anfang nahm. Hilf uns, ihm seine einstige Bedeutung zurückzugeben: Gäste-Empfang und Handel.
by Coopérative Savoir-Faire Le Locle, Le Locle
125% funded
CHF 25’005 pledged
50 backers
Architecture, Community, and Tourism


Die Bifertenhütte oberhalb Brigels GR muss renoviert werden, um den Anforderungen der Gäste, der Hüttenwartin und der Feuerpolizei zu genügen.
by AAC Basel, Breil/Brigels and Basel
114% funded
CHF 17’227 pledged
70 backers
Food, Startup, and Architecture


Die BrauBudeBasel sammelt Geld um die Birreria an der Oetlingerstrasse endlich eröffnen zu dürfen. Dafür muss die Decke teuer Schallisoliert und eine Brandschutztüre eingebaut werden.
by BrauBudeBasel, Basel
164% funded
CHF 16’466 pledged
107 backers
Design, architecture, and Community

Innovation Space in Basel

launchlabs provides stimulating work-spaces for projects, workshops, co-working and events. It functions as a meeting place for people and ideas, promoting culture and innovation.
by Andreas Erbe and Tiziana Meletta, Basel
110% funded
CHF 66’303 pledged
109 backers
Architecture and Music

Kaschemme SuperSound

Ein neuer Dancefloor für Basel: Die Kaschemme soll eine Heimat für basslastige Clubmusik bieten. Damit wir so richtig loslegen können, brauchen wir eure Unterstützung. Who’s in?
by Kaschemme, Basel
168% funded
CHF 12’670 pledged
88 backers
Architecture, Community, and Art

Alte Trotte Haltingen.

A winegrower’s house, in the middle of the «Dreiländereck», needs your help. In 2009 it burnt down, and has been derelict since then. Now we want to rebuild it again.
by Beatrice Gehrmann, Basel, Weil am Rhein, and Huningue
7% funded
EUR 7’584 pledged
47 backers

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