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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Otuocha. But this may be of interest to you.
Photography, Film, and Journalism

Face au Soleil

En collaboration avec l’ONG Sentinelles, ce documentaire à pour but de parler de la situation d’enfants burkinabés touchés par le noma.
by Marie-Lou Dumauthioz & Hervé Pfister, Ouagadougou
115% funded
CHF 6’947 pledged
89 backers
Music, Journalism, and Community

Radio Lewa

Ein künstlerisches Radioprojekt während drei Wochen in Kairo. Mit experimentellen Radioformaten bieten wir eine Alternative zur gängigen Berichterstattung.
by Mirjam Bürgin und Jörg Köppl, Giza, Cairo, Giza, and Cairo
119% funded
CHF 4’195 pledged
23 backers
Film, Journalism, and Community

Periptero: je t'aime moi...

Film de reportage / 1911 – aujourd’hui: l’histoire, le présent et le futur des kiosques (periptera) grecs. Au travers de l’institution des kiosques on retrace toute l’histoire de la Grèce moderne.
by Periptero: je t'aime moi non plus, Athens
3% funded
EUR 1’050 pledged
3 backers
Journalism and Community

YouTube Kanal «Black Sheep»

Südafrika's junge Generation formt die Identität des Landes am Kap. Doch ihre Träume, Abstürze und Erfolge werden nirgends aus ihrer Sicht thematisiert. Das soll unser YouTube Kanal Black Sheep ändern
by Cristina, Johannesburg
128% funded
CHF 2’565 pledged
19 backers
Publishing and Journalism

Young African Storytelling

Nice is back with a new issue! We feature the emerging voices of a creative young generation from across Africa. The new edition brings a bundle of stories from the South African township: Katlehong.
by Klaym, Rahel, and Flurina & Franziska, Katlehong and Zürich
100% funded
CHF 18’633 pledged
147 backers
Politics, Journalism, and Community

Wie weiter in Bihać?

Vor zwei Monaten ist das Frachkollektiv nach Bosnien gereist, um direkte Hilfe für Menschen auf der Flucht zu leisten. Jetzt soll aus dem kurzfristigen Hilfseinsatz ein langfristiges Projekt werden.
by Frachkollektiv, Bihać and Zürich
116% funded
CHF 29’137 pledged
162 backers
Journalism, Community, and Technology

Radio Gwendalyn

Help Radio Gwendalyn to become everybody’s radio: a year of radio programs committed to local culture, alternative music, minorities and ethnic groups.
by Radio Gwendalyn, Chiasso
113% funded
CHF 33’950 pledged
278 backers
Exhibition, Publishing, and Journalism

The search for truth

Can the circumstances of the tragedy still be reconstructed? A descendant starts his search for truth to find out what really happened during the first ascent of the Matterhorn.
by Matthias Taugwalder, Zermatt
108% funded
CHF 17’902 pledged
81 backers
Publishing and Journalism

Grand Genève Magazine

Grand Genève Magazine est un nouveau trimestriel politique, socio-économique et culturel consacré à la région Grand Genève. Cette plateforme, informative, combine l’imprimé et l’Internet.
by Grand Genève Magazine, Geneva, Nyon, and Annemasse
0% funded
CHF 40 pledged
1 backer
Publishing and Journalism

Tribu Magazine

TRIBU Magazine! ART, CULTURE, FASHION, DESIGN, tous les ingrédients pour un magazine culturel de haute gamme. TRIBU est le nouveau magazine qui rassemble, vraiment indépendant, TRIBU parle de vous!
by TRIBU Magazine, Geneva
1% funded
CHF 175 pledged
4 backers
Startup, Journalism, and Community

#LivinGenevaFuture community

LivinGeneva wants to help and inspire people to enjoy and make the most out of their stay in Geneva.
Help us build our platform to share Valuable and Insightful tips and information for Geneva!
by Diana Casalis, Geneva
157% funded
CHF 39’465 pledged
178 backers
Music and Journalism

Sauvons Daily Rock Magazine

Impossible de l'ignorer, le Coronavirus ne fait pas que des pertes humaines: Daily Rock Magazine est également en péril, il ne doit pas disparaître de la scène culturelle!
by David Margraf, Geneva
142% funded
CHF 23’832 pledged
262 backers

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