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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Italy. But this may be of interest to you.
Performing Arts

Asimov Project

Quattro corti teatrali tratti da quattro racconti di Isaac Asimov: Luciscultura, Il Segregazionista, Sogni di Robot e Playboy e il Dio Limaccioso, a cura della Compagnia Numeriprimi di Parma.
by opheliasflower, Parma and Noceto
2% funded
EUR 125 pledged
2 backers
Music, Performing arts, and Education

Sommer Musik Workshops

Internationale Sommer Musik Workshops
«The Spirit & Magic in Making Music Happen» 9.-14. Juli
Songwriting Camp «Be a Voice - Not an Echo» in der zauberhaft coolen Stadt Buje in Istrien/Kroatien
by moerdermusic productions & int. artist & project development, Buje
111% funded
EUR 5’035 pledged
27 backers
Performing Arts

La principessa azzurra

Was wäre, wenn die Märchenprinzessin ihre Verehrer abweisen und mit dem Drachen fliehen würde?
by Compagnia Teatro La Fuffa, Udine and Lausanne
102% funded
CHF 6’122 pledged
51 backers
Performing arts, Kids / Youth, and Dance


Après avoir joué la version courte de GOOSE, la Cavalcade en Scène est maintenant en train de créer la version intégrale. On a besoin de vous: aidez-nous à financer le spectacle!
by La Cavalcade en Scène, Milan
117% funded
EUR 5’897 pledged
41 backers
Publishing and Performing Arts

Raccolta Commedie Teatrali

Raccolta di commedie teatrali brillanti, inedite ideate e scritte da me. Le opere raccontano la Sicilia dal dopo guerra ai giorni nostri enfatizzando in chiave comica la cultura etnea.
by Marco Catalano, Mascali
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers
Music, Performing arts, and Dance


Site-specific, immersive, multidisciplinary 360°-Theatre-Performance at the historic marble quarries of Arzo, Ticino, Switzerland.
by Onyrikon, Arzo
101% funded
CHF 10’158 pledged
75 backers
Performing Arts


Daria Paoletta, Enrico Messina e Gaetano Colella danno vita ad uno spettacolo sulle Metamorfosi di Ovidio. Il lavoro è in coproduzione con il Festival a Internazionale di Narrazione di Arzo.
by Festival Internazionale di Narrazione di Arzo – Pagine Bianche, Arzo
105% funded
CHF 7’403 pledged
96 backers
Performing arts and Art

Io sono Nijinsky

Freely adapted from the diaries of the star of the Ballets Russes. By and with Daniele Bernardi. Teatro Sociale (Bellinzona) 19.11.21.
Teatro Foce (Lugano) 26-28.11.21. Teatro Tan (Biasca) 4.12.21.
by Elisa Pagliaro and Daniele Bernardi, Lugano, Biasca, and Bellinzona
100% funded
CHF 3’020 pledged
38 backers
Performing Arts

Young Lab – MORGEN project

We are back! Third year of life and third production. Morgen is a theatre piece for Young Audiences that stages 11 characters who are looking for an utopic future in a post-apocalyptical setting.
by YoungLab, Lugano
107% funded
CHF 5’399 pledged
49 backers
Performing Arts

Terror: die Tournee

Terror: Theaterstück von Ferdinand von Schirach
Die von paradise is here produzierte Weltpremiere in italienischer Sprache soll auf Tournee gehen. Helfen Sie uns dabei!
by paradise is here, Turin, Lugano, and Bellinzona
101% funded
CHF 29’419 pledged
24 backers
Performing arts, art, and Dance

Young Lab – Firmato m.

A theatre piece with young actors loosely based on José Saramago’s «Death With Interruptions».
by YoungLab, Lugano, Lausanne, and Zürich
123% funded
CHF 6’161 pledged
77 backers
Music, Performing arts, and Dance

Room 306

A live multimedia performance, involving audiovisual projection, dance, music composition and poetry. First cut will be presented in Piazza Manzoni, Lugano, on August 22, 2015.
by Masnàda Associazione, Lugano
103% funded
CHF 5’912 pledged
69 backers