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Community, art, and Sport



by Florian Heumayer

Schritt für Schritt. Im Außen, sowie im Inneren! Mein Reisehandbuch zur Seele. Wohin? Lass deine Gedanken schweifen – in die Stille kommen, eigene Geheimnisse entdecken. Der Weg entsteht beim Gehen.

7 %
EUR 465
22 days to go

Film, Festival, and Sport

St. Gallen


by Fussballlichtspiele

Fussball ist mehr als 11 gegen 11, Fussball ist Kultur. Das beweisen die Fussballlichtspiele St.Gallen. Das Fussballfilmfestival kehrt 2023 nach der Coronapause endlich zurück!

42 %
CHF 2’110
26 days to go

Community and Sport


Unit62 training centre

by Yann Anon Favre

Contribute to the development of a brand new training place. Unit62 is coming to Western Lausanne! On the program: group classes, sports coaching, conviviality and sports events.

71 %
CHF 17’843
14 days to go



Ein Investitionsprojekt für eine moderne Tennisinfrastruktur! Höhere Verfügbarkeit, konstante Platzqualität, kostengünstiger Unterhalt und nachhaltigere Bewirtschaftung. Mehrere Vorteile auf einmal!

76 %
CHF 15’345
18 days to go

Community, Kids / Youth, and Sport


HerRise Center

by Takhmina Nasimova, Elizaveta Leaf, and Yoga_Daria_Danilovich

Discover the power of healthy living. HërRise Center is aiming to be a unique space in Geneva that will bring to you the power of yoga, aromatherapy, and energy healing.

8 %
CHF 1’300
9 days to go

Community, Sport, and Environment


Human Impulse - Stages 1 & 2

by Human Impulse - Louis

To achieve a solo, human-powered circumnavigation of the world, using only muscular power as the main engine. Through this adventure, I hope to inspire people to follow their own impulses!

72 %
CHF 18’031
5 days to go

Kids / Youth and Sport


NLA basketball in Baden

by Nadine Hügli - Präsidentin Supporter Club Baden Basket 54

The talented Baden Basket 54 Women’s Team has been playing in the second best league (NLB) for many years and would now like to, with your support, make the jump into the highest league (NLA).

107 %
CHF 32’300
4 days to go

Kids / Youth, Sport, and Education

Geneva and Thies

Help school dropout, Senegal

by BikeToSchool and Projets Responsables

L’équipe BikeToSchool est issue de l’association d’étudiants universitaires œuvrant dans un but commun, celui de donner l’opportunité aux enfants déscolarisés du Sénégal d’avoir accès à l’école.

100 %
CHF 1’000
25 backers


Lausanne and Montreal

Tournoi à Montreal

by Red lion's hc

Pour fêter ses 30 ans, le Red Lion’s HC a pour ambition de participer à un tournoi international qui se déroulera à Montréal les 12,13 et 14 mai 2023.

100 %
CHF 1’000
11 backers

Startup, Sport, and Technology


Medusa Sport

by medusasport

Le projet Medusa Sport a pour objectif d’offrir divers entrainements d’électrostimulation. Selon les attentes de chacun, qu’il soit débutant, avancé ou professionnel du sport.

104 %
CHF 10’460
40 backers

Startup, Sport, and Environment


Recycled Bicycle Tire Belts

by muusette and jaserred

With muusette, Swiss bicycle shops can, for the first time, quickly reduce their ecological footprint by giving tires and air chambers a second life in the form of belts and accessories

100 %
CHF 15’020
59 backers

Community, Sport, and Environment


SportMania App

by Debora, Marco, and Fedora Valencia

Find buddies to practice the sports you love in one click! Rent your sport gear to try new sports and let them to make some money. Sell or buy your second hand gear to help the environment.