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Agriculture, Technology, and Environment

Sauvetage de faons 2020

Plus de 1500 faons sont tués chaque année lors de la fauche des champs. Aidez-nous à financer des interventions de sauvetage à l'aide de drones et caméras thermiques dans le canton de Fribourg.
by Upperview Productions, Fribourg
108% funded
CHF 12’970 pledged
202 backers
Community and Technology

Application EyesUp

EyesUp donne un moyen d’action aux cibles et témoins du harcèlement sexuel. En le signalant et l'analysant, elle permet aux cibles de garder la tête haute tout en faisant ouvrir les yeux à la société.
by EyesUp, Lausanne, Geneva, and Fribourg
106% funded
CHF 42’679 pledged
531 backers
Film, art, and Technology


The story of Romain, a professional YouTuber with millions of followers, who takes part in a 24-hour «live streaming» contest.
by Anastase Liaros, Fribourg and Geneva
107% funded
CHF 10’785 pledged
53 backers
Publishing, Comics, and Technology

Dark Matters (AR Comic)

This speechless comic uses augmented reality to support the story. Each page contains hidden elements that will appear in your phone/tablet, letting you get into the minds of the characters
by Association des éditions Fleurs Bleues, Fribourg and Lucerne
138% funded
CHF 3’470 pledged
43 backers
Startup and Technology

prezit – der Abfalleimer

mit Komprimierfunktion. Die Zeit sich über schnell gefüllte Abfalleimer zu ärgern ist vorbei!
Ich möchte nun die Serienproduktion starten und brauche dazu deine Unterstützung.
by Alex Baechler, Fribourg
185% funded
CHF 74’382 pledged
434 backers
Design, Community, and Technology

Un FabLab à Fribourg

Notre association a pour but d’ouvrir un FabLab sur Fribourg. Un FabLab est un espace destiné à la création personnelle dans la lignée des «makers» et du «do it yourself».
by FabLab Fribourg – Freiburg, Fribourg
163% funded
CHF 3’268 pledged
37 backers

Rencontre Internationale d’Oldtimers RIO

The past takes off! Flying machines full of history gathered on the airfield of Fribourg. An ephemeral museum offerd to the public during a weekend.
by Association pour la Promotion du Patrimoine Aéronautique, Fribourg
10% funded
CHF 570 pledged
7 backers
Festival, art, and Technology


Elux+Schenkel present the «PinballHouse» at the Murten Licht-Festival 2017. Transforming the front of a building into a playing area, everyone is invited to play and to create a light painting with every new game.
by Elux + Schenkel, Murten
102% funded
CHF 4’310 pledged
48 backers
Design and Technology

Deco lamp «La Petite Mort»

A biodegradable sugar skull lamp that brings out the love. We need your help to grow and be taken seriously by our distribution partners.
by Laurent Genoud, Bulle
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers
Music and Technology

The goal of Reponse Studio

The goal of this project is to update Reponse Studio, which will allow to expand in terms of musical projects and to have a more competitive studio in terms of quality.
by David Torr (Reponse Studio), Marin-Epagnier
0% funded
CHF 75 pledged
1 backer
Design, Sport, and Technology

«Avun» Holzvelorahmen

Ein neuartiger Velorahmen in puncto Bauweise, Optik und Fahrgefühl. Überzeuge dich selbst und bestärke dieses Projekt mit deiner Unterstützung.
by mariussteiger, Bern
6% funded
CHF 980 pledged
14 backers

JTL2PostCH Anbindung

Wir bieten dir die schnelle Entwicklung einer Software, die als Schnittstelle den automatischen Datenaustausch zwischen JTL Wawi, und der Schnittstelle der Schweizer Post sicherstellt.
by OBME GmbH, Zurich, Bern, and Lucerne
15% funded
CHF 1’200 pledged
5 backers

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