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Patrizia Sieweck's 1st Album

Patrizia Sieweck's first solo album is nearly complete. Old Irish and Scottish folk songs stand next to original songs and tunes with a modern touch. Help get the recordings pressed onto a CD!
by Patrizia, Berlin
80% funded
EUR 2’428 pledged
4 days to go
Exhibition, Film, and Art

The Laundry – The movie

In every crisis there have been those who waited until it was over, and those who were already one step ahead and had the courage to act to keep doing art and express ourselves through filmmaking.
by Debby Caplunik, Berlin
124% funded
EUR 12’473 pledged
61 backers
Design and Community

Soutenez les droits d'auteur

Un restaurateur en ville de Neuchâtel n’a pas payé la facture de frais pour mes services de graphic et web design. Mon avocat demande 3’000CHF pour m’aider à récupérer les 5’109€ facturés à ce client.
by Graphic Designer, Berlin
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers

Edi Nulz «MEGANAN»

Edi Nulz, die KammerPunkJazz-Band Eures Vertrauens, produziert ihr fünftes Album – und mit eurer Unterstützung können wir in Bälde unser zehnjähriges Jubiläum mit dieser Platte feiern!
by Julian Adam Pajzs, Berlin and Vienna
115% funded
EUR 4’035 pledged
59 backers
Fashion, Design, and Environment

Ancient Patterns on Clothing

I research patterns found on archeological pots (up to 35 thousand years old!) and reuse them on sustainable organic clothing. The best way to keep anything alive, is to bring it to everyday use.
by Shahed Design, Berlin
3% funded
EUR 160 pledged
2 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Community

Einkaufswagen - Künstlerbuch

Das Fotoprojekt «Einkaufswagen» schaut auf die verschwenderische Gesellschaft. Die in Berlin entstandenen Bilder sollen im August als Bildband erscheinen.
by Luca Ellena, Fribourg and Berlin
101% funded
CHF 3’866 pledged
44 backers

CD BLACKBOX Pressing & Promo

17 new songs in German, about treachery, hope and forgiveness...and about this turning point in time brought by Corona. Fine lyrics- rediscover George Leitenberger's unique musical universe & feeling!
by George Leitenberger, Geneva and Berlin
102% funded
EUR 5’118 pledged
48 backers
Film, Music, and Community

True Men Show

Do you feel represented in our cultural canon? Do we actively take part in forming our future or are we guided by non-transparent powers? We are curious about what you think. Be part of our journey!
by True Men Show, Berlin and Jakarta
12% funded
EUR 2’445 pledged
30 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Community

Book of Community Stories

This year it will be five years since femLENS did its first photo workshop. Since then we have done 13 workshops in 7 countries. We would like to publish a book highlighting the stories made!
by femLENS, Berlin, Dublin, and Beirut
0% funded
EUR 35 pledged
1 backer
Publishing, Design, and Comics

Th Ascention of Worty & Park

Book of illustrations based in stories of a multiverse cosmic imagination.

by Juan Piña Bautista., Berlin
1% funded
EUR 33 pledged
3 backers
Music and Kids / Youth

Im Nebel – eine Sprachsalve

Ein Sprechkonzert gegen den Krieg
Vertonung des Textes «Zuginsfeld» von Otto Nebel, Komposition: Till Löffler.
by Knabenkantorei Basel, Basel, Baden, and Berlin
47% funded
CHF 2’380 pledged
23 backers

A Painter Must Wait

A one-year long performance in monochromatic confinement.
An artistic experiment with time and visual perception.

by Marcin Lodyga, Berlin
1% funded
EUR 449 pledged
9 backers

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