poetry meets sonic art

Wael Sami Elkholy wrote the songs for his debut solo CD around poems either written by friends of his or that otherwise are linked to his person. He composed for each of the eleven songs on the album a very own kind of music. There are songs where his expressive singing is only accompanied by an acoustic oud and on others he built an intricate texture with multiple vocal parts and various kinds of processing and synthetic sounds and electronic instruments.

Wael chose poems revolving around the subject of peoples origins and what emigration does with one’s identity. Hence the title of the CD «wurzeln», the german term for roots, but when written in lowercase usually read as a verb meaning «taking root» or «originating from…»


a perfect mix beautifully wrapped

Björn Meyer mixed and mastered all the tracks in hours and hours of painstakingly careful work. And graphic artist Nikolaj Vejlstrup came up with an outstanding artwork that adds another layer to the whole project with its distinctive colours and clear lines. Now it’s time for both master and graphic art to be sent into production and in a few weeks time we’ll finally hold the finished CDs in our hands.

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the funding we were granted does not cover all the work

but alas, the funding we were granted by the canton and city of Bern, the canton of Aargau, the Kulturprozent Migros Aare and the Burgergemeinde Bern does not cover all the expenses we had. They just about cover label fees etc, CD pressing and printing, graphic art and half of the mixing. So to pay all the other solid work that was done for this to be possible, we need your help. By buying the CD in advance or any of the other treats or by just donating any sum of your choice you help us make ends meet.

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