Support Wanderbag and help to increase the sensitivity for ecological questions.

A design, fashion, and art project by Cindy Heller, Zurich, New York, and Rome.

Project in pocket size

Wanderbag emerged in New York 2007. In creative collaboration its goal is to increase sensitivity for ecological questions. Creators were invited to develop individual designs. Nearly 100 works of art have subsequently been submitted from many different countries of which 25 were produced in small editions, printed with the silk screen technique and brought into circulation.

I lived in New York for 10 years. Large quantities of goods are packed into countless plastic bags every day. My reusable bag avoided unnecessary waste and served me later as inspiration for this project. Through my interest for art and design I decided to invite friends to create a design. Eventually submissions were produced by people I no longer knew from all over the world. In collaboration with Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich and the Swiss Institute, New York ten different Wanderbags were launched in 2008. In synergy with existing networks innovation evolves. Following the invitation of Ou Bien, Geneva a further co-production has recently been initiated with artists of the region. A «canvas» bonds art, culture, communication and ecology. Wanderbag is an independent organism with a life of its own which crosses borders. With your support the existence of this project would be secure and would guarantee a next event in Rome. All the designs and more information can be found on wanderbag.com

Wanderbags were already produced in limited editions with designs from Olaf Breuning, San Keller, Kerim Seiler, Com&Com, Minimetal, Ludo Gabriel, Yuri Masnyj, Steve Dunan, Sharzad Collective, Matthew McGuiness, Sibylle Stoeckli, Demian Conrad, Veronika Bjarsch, Arthur Jones, Marcel Maeder, Huber.Huber, Franziska Burkhardt, Thomas Galler, Christoph Schreiber, Lehni Trüb, Camille Walala and Cindy Heller.

Thanks to all the participants and contributors, wemakeit.ch, Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich Swiss Institute New York, Ou Bien Genève and Dadadum Lausanne.

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About the Initiators

Cindy Heller studierte an der Zürcher Hochschule für Gestaltung Grafik. 2001 führte ihr Weg nach New York, wo sie zunächst für Ahoy Studios (vormals Hello NYC) als Senior Designer tätig war. Bevor Cindy 2007 das Projekt Wanderbag ins Leben rief, arbeitete sie für das Bidoun Magazine, ein Magazin über die Kunst und Kultur des Mittleren Ostens sowie an anderen Projekten in den Bereichen Kunst, Kultur und Design. Seit 2009 arbeitet Cindy als Art Director in Zürich.