After launching the world's first ceramic composter for the home in 2017 with the WormUp HOME, the HOME 2 is the update - the new standard in odourless home composting.

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Bio-waste is a precious resource that still ends up in conventional waste far too often in 2023, causing harmful effects on people and the environment. Our vision is that biowaste should be seen as a resource and that people should increasingly think and act in cycles. To achieve this, we are tinkering with products that simplify the cycle operation. This also enables composting novices to effortlessly obtain high-quality soil from their kitchen waste.

In 2017, our team developed the WormUp HOME - the world’s first odourless clay worm composter that combines functionality and aesthetics. In addition to winning the Federal Ecodesign Award 2019 and the Kassensturz award for test winner in the home composter category, it was above all the overwhelming feedback from our customers that confirmed what we were doing. Over the last seven years, we have gained valuable experience in the field of home composting and exchanged ideas with our community. This has enabled us to develop a system that is easier to use, more attractive in price and even more sustainable in production - the HOME 2.

The new HOME 2

The WormUp HOME 2 is a further development of our award-winning composter. The high-quality material made of breathable clay has proven itself for the composting process and ensures odour-free and efficient composting. The porous nature of the clay allows optimal air circulation within the composter and promotes the composting process. This allows ±1.2 kg of waste to be composted each week, which corresponds to the amount of waste produced by a household of 1-3 people. It can be placed in the kitchen, on the balcony, in the cellar or in the office. During holidays, the system can easily be left alone for 3 to 4 weeks. The new design of the WormUp HOME 2 allows for an even more ecological production than its predecessor and reduces material consumption. The packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard without plastic. If you have any questions or problems, the WormUp team is available by phone or e-mail. Product support is included for life.

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In order to produce the first series HOME 2, we depend on your support. We are planning a first production series of about 300 copies. With the contributions we cover one-time costs for the tool construction and the installation of the production line. For this purpose, the producer creates necessary mother molds and further casts working molds from plaster. These serve in the clay production as a basis, in order to be able to manufacture clay composters in series.

The composters produced not only reduce waste in many households, but also make it visible. They make it possible to actively experience the process of waste transformation into high-quality worm humus and raise awareness for cycles.

Say goodbye to the smelly organic bin and get a HOME 2 home composter now.