Why do we really want to record a CD? And what are the advantages for you?

Our songs want to touch and make you think, should lead the listeners into another world, away from everyday life. Our music is slow food, the lyrics profound - we think: That’s exactly what the world needs!

Besides, we are only limitedly talented craftsmen/-women, sportsmen/-women or doctors - so we can’t really do anything else than music. If you support us, you do something good for us. And of course in the end you do something good for yourself, if you enjoy atmospheric, thoughtful music with depth.

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About the album

The album will contain 8 songs created in 2020 - 2021. Compared to the 2019 EP, the sound is more raw and untamed, honest and direct; the lyrics are inspired by the moon and nature with its cycles, dealing with vulnerability and sensitivity in an insensitive world.

Who is wazzara? wazzara was founded in 2015 as a solo project of singer Barbara Brawand. In 2019 the first EP followed, produced and recorded together with Árni Bergur Zoёga (Helrunar, Árstiđir Lífsins). But it was always clear to Barbara: wazzara should not remain a mere online phenomenon, but exist as a complete band on stage. In 2020 George (bass), Mäsi (guitar) and Julia (live session drums) joined the band and together they have been rehearsing since then until that day when concerts will be possible again.

What do we need backing for?

Even though we record guitars, bass and vocals in the home studio, there remain open items to pay for. These are:

  • Drum Session: since Julia is only on board for live sessions, we have engaged the talented Andrei Jumugă (Dordeduh, Ordinul Negru and others) to do the drum recordings.

  • Producing: we still believe in the importance of a producer, someone who approaches our compositions with two experienced and critical ears, making them even better.

  • Mixing&Mastering: The songs want to be transformed into a comfortable, balanced listening experience so that they will please you to the maximum.

Goodies: Let us show you our gratitude! We were creative - besides CD’s, T-Shirts, Bags and Early-Bird-Downloads you also have the chance to chat with us at the release party or even spend an exclusive pre-listening evening with us. There will also be food, made by the band, with love. Especially generous supporters will receive handmade jewellery, hand-drawn and illustrated lyrics, a plugged or unplugged concert or a cover of their choice. From CHF 100.- we thank you personally in our booklet - a matter of honor! You also have the possibility to support us without any reward. Just browse through the different goodies on the right side.

We hope there is something for everyone - either way, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your support!

In case of overfunding: we are not only infinitely happy and grateful but will invest the money in producing Vinyl and in a video clip so that wazzara can flicker across your screens.