WCi - Where can I...?

The App-User will get an overview of all available sanitary facilities in their surroundings. Toilets, showers and changing tables are displayed. The filter function (infrastructure, distance, rating etc.) helps to adapt the offer to your own needs and expectations and to select the right system. The navigation function allows users to find their destination quickly and directly.

In addition to the public facilities which can be used free of charge, the offer is extended by commercial toilets. e.g. bars, take-aways, department stores and restaurants can offer their toilets to the public. The providers determine the price and opening times for the use themselves.

The expansion of the public network through commercial facilities should contribute to cleanliness in public spaces. With anonymised data analysis, we can help cities use their resources effectively and sustainable. For large events, temporary toilet facilities can be entered and made easily accessible.

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Business model

The app can be downloaded for free and we don’t charge any fees for the usage of a toilet. We also don’t charge a commission from the payments to commercial providers. WCi is free for all users and will always be.

Smart City Services

Our business model is based on income through local authorities and tourism offices.

Our Services to cities and local authorities

  • Show public toilets on the WCi platform
  • Add commercial providers
  • Toilet administrator (ex. adding or removing of toilets, edit facilities, etc)
  • Data Analytics (ex. where do people look for toilets)
  • Ratings
  • Show temporary toilets for big city events
  • Marketing materials

WCi-Relief Fund - Access to water and sanitation is a human right

2.5 Billion people do not have access to clean toilets. Together we can be part of a solution to improve this tragic situation. With the planned mobile payment functionality users can donate to the WCi-Relief-Fund when using a toilet. The commercial providers can decide themselves how much of the income through WCi is donated to the fund. INCH Partners will also continue to donate in order to enable new toilets where they are needed most.

We support projects such as «Écoles Bleues» from HELVETAS to build new toilets in developing countries. With our contribution 2300 kids in Burkina Faso have now toilets in their schools and can learn the important hygienic basics.


Our plan

The App was tested in Basel successfully this year. The reactions from community, media and politics were very positive. We are therefore entirely convinced that this App should be made available in many more cities.

We need a financial push to inform the society about the App but more important to change something in the global sanitation infrastructure. Another part of the money is used to implement the mobile payment functionality as well as further improve the technical aspects of the app.