«we are...» is...

…..a unique longterm project which connects people from all background through the magic of photography. For three years we are travelling around the world building up a project that campaigns for a common future of our planet. After three years on the road we will publish a photo book with all the collected Polaroids and thoughts of this wonderful people.

What is «we are...»

  1. On the journey of our lifes, whenever we meet people that inspire or touch us, we present them a Polaroid- Picture.
  2. On each of this Polaroid- Picture is an image of a previous acquaintance with one of the inspiring people.
  3. The person that given this polaroid to, will be photographed together with the donated picture, that was given to him or her.
  4. So a new Polaroid picture emerges and goes on to the next inspiring person. What we get after short time is a picture in a picture in a picture and so on. An invisible tie that connects people through the magic of photography.
  5. Moreover, each person shall interpret the statement «we are ….» and write a short text to answer the questions ; What are we? What makes us who we are? What is the human element that what us across all boundaries interconnects?
  6. These statements are published, together with images of the original Polaroid photos in it, at the end of the journey and limited edition photo books shall be offered for sale.Limited, because the magic of such photographs would be lost with the mass distribution.
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«two to one»

The here presented Polaroid project was launched by «two to one». «two to one» is an international pool of people and ideas which campaing for a common and social sustainable future of our planet. In this context different projects in the fields of cultural management, photography and storytelling are organized.

Three years on the road....

We, Philipp Weiermsüller and Antje Schley, the initiators of «two to one» are travelling from Buochs (CH) down to Madagascar. In the name of the project we visit and document all kind of charity projects and together with the people we meet, we organize projects that promote a global humankind. The Polaroid project called «we are..» is one of this project and one of the most important of the whole venture.

For what do we need the money?

For the realisation we are still dependant on external funding. Actually it is quite simple: The more that is committed to us and «two to one» the more we can induce…. The full revenue out of «two to one» will also be invested in it again and every single project launched by «two to one» commits itself to a social sustainable society, building bridges between cultures and campaign young artists.

In this case we need the money for the continuation of the project «we are…», for the purchase of the pictures and for developing the photo book.

These are YOUR rewards!

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