Who was Tristan Tzara?

by Andrei Amărfoaie

Zürich, Bucharest, and Paris

Everybody heard of Dadaist President Tristan Tzara but few know about him. My film will document his life from Moinești to Paris, show the opinion of today’s people on him and complete his biography.

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Successfully concluded on 24/3/2016

Work in progress!By Andrei Amărfoaie, on 02/05/2016

Hello everybody. A few updates on the project: all material shot in Zurich and bucharest is now synced and ready to start edit next week. Contacts for the Tzara House in Paris and the Tzara Foundation in Moinești (Vasile Robciuc) are in the wallet – next I need to schedule the shooting days in Moinești and Paris! You can find here am article I wrote here: http://dada-data.net/ro/news. Thank you again for the support!

THANK YOU!By Andrei Amărfoaie, on 22/03/2016

We reached the goal! thanks to all my backers! mulțumesc dragilor! Wait for your rewards :) They’re on their way!!!!

Soon the project will continue, I will shoot in Bucharest, Moinești and Paris.

Tata Dada, the real life and celestial adventures of Tristan Tzara By Andrei Amărfoaie, on 01/03/2016

Marius Hentea, the author of the only complete biography of Tristan Tzara is in the film speaking about the early days of Tristan’s education in Romania, his relationship with his family and many other interesting insights!!! Thank You Marius!

Thank you DADAbank! By Andrei Amărfoaie, on 01/03/2016

YAAAY! «Who was Tristan Tzara» just got a 2950CHF support through DADA100!!!!

Thank you so much DADAbank!!!! This is truly amazing! Now we just have to push it very hard to get the rest from my backers!

La Garde, en démo au Cabaret Voltaire, 3 février 2016.By Andrei Amărfoaie, on 09/02/2016

DADA is everywhere and it fights the strongest: Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. Let’s dance they say! Dada spread in the 1916 all over the world like like Tzara had been the admin of nowadays biggest social network. How was it it possible?

I made a short video on visiting Cabaret Voltaire on february 3rd for the launching of Dada-data. Check it out! http://dada-data.net/fr/news