Help us preserve this icon of Swiss engineering! What looks like a launch station for a space rocket is in fact the most powerful projector in the world, built in the 50s.

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Successfully concluded on 24/7/2020

Restoration of an icon

65 years ago, the Ticino engineer Gianni Andreoli created a technical masterpiece: light projection on clouds and mountains. At the 1956 Olympic Games in Cortina d’Ampezzo (IT) the Spitlight was used for the first time to project time and results onto the rock faces of the Dolomites.

The sensational design and incredible performance still cause astonishment and enthusiasm today - and even an entry in the Guinness Book of Records!

Age has added to the Spitlight: The last restoration was more than 30 years ago. The vehicle and projection technology has suffered and urgently needs to be restored.

Still the most powerful projector in the world

The technical data of the Spitlight are still impressive today:

  • Arc lamp, 100x stronger than today’s projectors
  • Projection at 6km distance
  • Picture size 800m x 800m
  • 6000⁰ C inside the projector
  • Cooling with air and water
  • Conversion based on a Bedford truck

The Spitlight is not only technically impressive. Above all, it embodies the Swiss spirit of innovation and future-oriented thinking of the 1950s. And at last the future of the Spitlight is clear: it will be given a place of honour in the new building of the ENTER Museum in Solothurn and will be on the road for us.

Thanks to you, the Spitlight can shine again!

The costs for the restoration sum up to about 90’000 CHF. Two thirds have already been donated by a private sponsor. For the remaining 30’000 CHF we need your support!

The following work will be carried out together with our professional partners:

Automotive engineering

  • Complete renewal of the braking system
  • Replacement of all fluids (water, oil, brake fluid)
  • Reparation of oil leaks
  • Renewal of the exposure system
  • Replacement of all filters
  • Replacement of the seals on the entire vehicle
  • Rust repair on the exhaust pipe
  • Replacement of the battery
  • Renewal of the tyres
  • Replacement of ball bearings (wheels, alternator, starter)


  • leach out carrosserie
  • Mending of all rust spots
  • Reparation of dents
  • New painting in original colour
  • Replacement of disc seals
  • Chrome parts new chromed


  • Upholster the seats
  • refurbish the interior


  • Test the arc lamp
  • Evaluation of the recommissioning
  • Retrofitting of a modern projector under the condition that the historical technology is preserved

Let us revive the enthusiasm for this Swiss icon together and preserve it for future generations. Thank you for your support!