A collection of wool loafers and flats crafted with natural materials and timeless designs. «A Simple Swiss Shoe» by Baabuk.

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The latest wool footwear collection by Baabuk

«A Simple Swiss Shoe» – A collection of loafers and flats crafted with natural materials and distinctive designs.

Since the beginning of Baabuk, we’ve been inspired by simplicity and authenticity. We take inspiration from nature while being driven by the traditional Swiss precision and attention to detail, just with a spirit of adventure. For these 2 new additions to our collection, we were inspired by nature around us, the blue waters of the lake, the dark shades and earthy tones of the forest, and of course the wool from our favorite animal.

  • Loafers in unisex design & Flats in ladies’ design
  • Modern/minimalist style
  • Uppers crafted with mulesing-free Burel wool from Serra de Estrella National Park in Portugal
  • Natural leather heel for added support
  • Natural latex sole – plastic-free and durable for everyday wear
  • Blister-free materials
  • Sock-free comfort for every season

Built sustainably

From the Serra de Estrella National Park where sheep roam free to the Burel factory where 100 year old machines process wool in a mesmerizing display of precision, we take immense pride in the production story behind our shoes.

Every new Baabuk product starts here in Switzerland where we design each new style. We adopt the philosophy of Swiss precision to develop each model with a mix of function and style.

The entire production process takes place in Portugal. Local sheep that live in the Serra de Estrella National Park are carefully sheared each season.

The wool then arrives to a small factory in Manteigas where it is woven with traditional machines into the Burel fabric Nearby in Porto is our partner sneaker atelier where skilled craftspeople shape and sew the components into the finished shoes.

We are Baabuk

Wool is what we do. Baabuk was founded in 2013 with inspiration from the traditional Siberian Valenki boots and determination to reintroduce wool as a sustainable footwear material. In 2015, with the help of a crowdfunding campaign, we unveiled our slippers that combined a traditional pedigree and modern Swiss design.

Two more successful crowdfunding campaigns followed to launch our sneakers and boots. We were blown away by the support and positive response, which included receiving our B-Corp certification in 2016 and an ISPO Gold Winner award in 2017.

Today, with employees on three continents, we continue to search for more ways to innovate. Since our last crowdfunding in 2017, we’ve expanded our collections with new styles and designs, improved our logistics to reliably deliver packages quickly around the globe, and narrowed in on what «Being Baabuk» means to us.

We’re back on crowdfunding because we view you, our fans and followers, as our collective board of directors. Because we’re passionate about wool and about how we construct our products, we know that our customers and the crowdfunding community love to see the amount of work and passion that goes into all of the products we have launched.

To our longtime friends and Baabuk Family, welcome back – we’re excited to share our newest collection with you. To the new members of our flock, we can’t wait to get to know you and introduce you to the woolly world of Baabuk.