The dilemma

After the fourth month, a baby gets started on solids, and parents are all of a sudden faced with a great dilemma. Should they buy baby food or make it themselves. Making it at home means: finding out everything there is to know about ingredients, shopping for groceries, washing, peeling, cutting, steaming, pureeing, filling, storing/freezing – and always remembering to defrost on time. Up until now, the alternative was to buy conventional baby food in jars, which contains practically no natural vitamins and won’t expire for years. But who would ever want to feed their child something that is older than the child itself? Exactly. To solve this dilemma, we have developed yamo.


What is yamo’s secret?

Yamo is 100% organic baby food. We only use pure, natural ingredients without additives and only work with regional producers from Switzerland.

But what’s really magical about yamo is how fresh it is: Unlike contemporary baby food manufacturers, we don’t sterilize yamo at high temperatures. Thermal sterilization not only destroys a lot of the vitamins but also the fresh taste and natural colors. For yamo, we use the innovative and gentle technology of high-pressure pasteurization. Thanks to the use of pressure instead of heat, our purees still contain all of their vitamins, their fresh real taste as well as their natural colors. And that way, yamo can even be stored refrigerated for several weeks – without any additives at all. Cool right?

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How many yamo baby food creations are there?

We start out with seven yamo creations and cover all three baby food stages babies go through. From simple baby food after 4 months and baby food with multiple ingredients after 6 months through to cleverly concocted, delicious baby food creations after 8 months.

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Why do we need your support?

After an intensive year of development, we have almost reached our goal. Together with regional suppliers, richly traditional family businesses, nutritionists and more than 30 parents, we have developed seven baby food creations. Manufacturing entirely in Switzerland guarantees high quality, safety and freshness. For the first large-scale production, we now need your support. With your support, we can successfully start a baby food revolution. Fresh, wholesome baby food made in Switzerland and stress-free parents, olé!


How is yamo delivered to you?

Starting this May, you will receive your baby food rewards. We will inform you of the exact date shortly after the crowdfunding campaign is over. Because our baby food is so fresh, it has to be constantly cooled. That is why we insulate your package with natural, recycled wool and cool the baby food with reusable cooling pads. Our cooled shipping service is at no additional cost to you.


Who we are?

Our team is made up of the three founders Tobias, José and Luca as well as several nutritionists and pediatric consultants. We all share a great goal: to provide parents with the freshest and highest quality food for their little ones, and to save them the hassle having to cook themselves.

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