This is what it's all about.

Shopping can be tedious. That is why many have come up with their own systems for sorting their purchases into trolleys, baskets, or bags. And yet they often pick up the products several times to prevent damage to the more delicate products.

How often have you been annoyed when berries, yoghurts or soft cheese are crushed underneath the drinks bottles again? Or if the nicely sorted bag tips over on the way?

And finally, you have to carry the bags into the flat. This can be quite tedious if you have also bought bottles, paper towels or cat litter.

We figured: There must be a more convenient and straightforward way! The solution is quite simple:

The Yanobag! A shopping backpack that can be filled lying down instead of standing up. Three compartments with Velcro fasteners allow shopping to be sorted by weight and sensitivity in the right place right from the start. This means that when you carry the backpack the heavy items are at the bottom and the delicate ones at the top. Carried as a backpack, you will have both hands free for the bulky shopping, your child or simply the car keys.

The Yanobag is available in two different sizes.

  • The Yanobag S is particularly suitable for small purchases, for which you would otherwise grab a basket in the market. You can simply carry it over your shoulder as a shoulder bag.

  • The Yanobag M can be hung directly in the shopping trolley and you can do your weekly shopping.

And if something does not fit in the compartments, you can easily undo the Velcro and expand the compartments.

Since the Yanobag can be completely closed, no more groceries can fall out during transport. And at home you can open the Yanobag completely and store your purchases comfortably in the fridge or drawers.

The most efficient way of shopping is with a hand scanner. In this case, you pick up the products exactly twice until they are stowed away at home! The Yanobag is also suitable for those who still pay at the checkout.

More advantages:

  • The Yanobag can also be converted into a recycling bag before you go shopping. This means that the cans, PET bottles and coffee capsules are immediately pre-sorted to be handed in at the entrance of the supermarket.

  • Do you shop in an unpackaged shop? You can put the containers in the right position right at home and reach them very easily.

  • The Yanobag is also suitable for a small picnic outing. Thermos, sandwiches, and rain jacket each have their own compartment. So, the thermos never crushes the sandwiches again and you don’t have to clear out the whole backpack to find the rain jacket.

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My project is special because ...

The Yanobag is a completely new and so far unique concept for transporting groceries. There are different bags which can be hung on the shopping trolleys. But then you always have either a very heavy and unwieldy bag or you carry many small bags in your hands. All of them are filled from the top and you have to be careful that the goods do not slip, and fine pastries suddenly end up under the watermelon.

This is the decisive invention that is in the Yanobag: Both Yanobags are designed to be loaded horizontally. Thanks to the partition walls, all goods can be placed where they will be carried vertically. Before carrying, the rucksack is closed and then turned by 90°. If you have thought about it correctly, the heavy goods, which were previously placed in the rear compartment, are now in the lower compartment of the Yanobag and the light goods on top.

With the introduction of self-scanning a lot has changed in the supermarkets. However, shopping trolleys, bags and baskets have remained unchanged. The Yanobag is an innovative way to make the supermarket experience more efficient and less complicated.

This is what I need backing for.

We hope that crowdfunding will bring two advantages for the Yanobags:

1) We have developed the Yanobags and tested them in our environment. But before we start serial production, we would like to know what you think of them and what could be improved. So, share your ideas with us, we would be very happy to include them in the first series.

2) We have to purchase relatively large quantities of backpacks from our manufacturer to make them attractively priced for you. We will use the profit from crowdfunding to purchase the Yanobags you order and a first stock for our online shop.

You can support us additionally by telling your friends and acquaintances about the Yanobags. If you are interested in the Yanobags, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We will be happy to keep you up to date on further developments of the Yanobag range.

All Yanobags shown here are black or blue. But we are also open for suggestions. If we reach the funding target, we will be able to offer another colour as stretch-goal.

You can find the latest information and, in the future, also the webshop on