MOREGN Project

A post apocalyptical setting. Eleven mysterious characters locked up in a bunker dream of a utopic world. The oppressing space and the desire for freedom cause in the protagonists to reflect upon the society they live in, with a glance cast at future days.

Morgen originates from a necessity to tell and stage our concerns about the society of today. We like to think that through theatre we can pass down our needs to contribute to a societal change.

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Artistic research

The piece is constructed with the characters’ bodies, voices and the tribal masks they wear, which are deformed by the environment they live in. This year, our artistic background has been enriched with a research of the masls’ expressivity, which allowed us to develop unique characters and a new theatrical aesthetics.

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Long life to theatre!

Even though the company’s reality is consolidated, we keep on struggling to find the financial resources to cope with production’s costs. For these reasons this year we once again need the support of our public!

The production of a show needs funds for many things, such as:

  • costumes
  • scenography
  • room and board
  • residence place
  • tournée costs

Help us to breath life into this show and to bring Morgen on stage! One thing we can assure you : you won’t regret it!

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