It’s about the magician Armida, knights, crusaders, love and faith. Accompany the musicians of «Les Passions de l’Ame» for their second CD production into the enchanted forrest of F.X. Geminiani and G.F. Händel.

CHF 5’620

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 4/1/2014

What leads us into the enchanted forrest

Francesco Xaviero Geminian’s «La forêt enchantée» we played for the first time in concert in 2009. The piece commissioned to Giovanni Niccolò Servandoni’s pantomime of the same title was presented as a big spectacle in 1754 at the Théâtre du Palais des Tuileries. This performance wasn’t successful but the later produced concert version asserted itself as an enchanted insider’s tip.

This is the sound of the enchanted forest.

With the recording of this rarely heard oeuvre we like to fascinate even more people for this magical music. Connected with the concerto grosso «La Follia» of the same composer – a «maniac» piece in the truest sense of the word – with 24 variations and Georg Friedrich Händel’s «Dietro l’orme fugaci» (also known as «L’Armida abbandonata») sung by the celebrated American soprano Robin Johannsen.

What kind of support we need

Musically we struggle with all kinds of fanciful creatures. In real life we struggle with the considerable sum of money to revive the magician Armida, the nymphs, cyclopes, knights and crusaders. A CD production is quite a big project with a lot of persons involved: sound engineer, photographer, booklet text writer and translators as well as all the musicians. We’re looking forward to unleash the CHF 5.000-limit with you. Achieving the limit allows us to make our CD-dream come true and bestows you enchanted rewards.