A workshop is necessary for us to continue to distribute our products throughout Switzerland.

Citrolle is an artisanal company specializing in the production of seasonal liqueurs, jams, syrups and preserves. We are in Rolle, a small town located in the heart of the vineyards between Lausanne and Geneva, on the shores of Lake Geneva. Our daily commitment is to capture the soul of fruits, herbs and vegetables to sublimate them in liqueurs, jams and preserves of the highest quality. We personally process raw materials from the Vaudois region as well as those from our homeland, Italy. We produce our products with full respect for seasonality to offer the flavor of tradition with a modern style.

The opening of a production and storage laboratory is essential for the distribution of our products throughout Switzerland.

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Our objective is the purchase of the production equipment, the kitchen tools, the shelves for the storage of our products as well as the furniture for an office

The COVID period has had a negative impact on our growth, reducing our investment funds and delaying the opening of our production workshop by a year. Your participation to this project would allow us to continue to develop our business and, indirectly, the local business.


Production equipment, kitchen tools, shelves, office

Your contribution will allow us to purchase the production equipment, the kitchen tools, the shelves to store our products and the furniture for the office.