Together, let's make Agroforestry Education accessible to small family farmers. To fight against hunger, preserve the primary forest and fix tons of CO2.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 20/10/2022

Agroforestry (AF), a technique that combines agriculture and trees.

Brazilian tropical forests play an important role in the climate, both locally and globally: as a CO2 sink, as an influence on global rainfall, and as an important biodiversity reserve.
Unfortunately, it has to be said that much of the agriculture practiced in Brazil, for most part, is not sustainable.

But we, Resilient Agroforestry, have THE Solution:

Ipojuca, state of Pernambuco, in the Northeast region of Brazil.


With your help, we aim to establish pilot models of integrated and resilient agroforestry, while training local farmers to replicate these sustainable practices on their land.

Also known as Syntropic Agriculture, developed in the 1980s by Swiss scientist Ernst Götsch, this type of Agroforestry is now one of the most environmentally, socially and economically sustainable planting techniques. (For more information, please see the links at the bottom of the page.)

Our work aims to:

  • Develop simple agroforestry models in the field that are profitable in the short, medium and long term
  • Train farmers in various agroforestry techniques
  • Guide families in the economic development of their products
  • Create a regional educational community: from elementary school to vocational training

But that’s not all… Thanks to photosynthesis, AF absorbs tons of CO2, which could stop or even reverse climate change!

Why should you sponsor our project in particular?

We depend on healthy soil for 95% of what we eat. We are all directly involved, this educational work combined with practice is a sustainable action producing an exponential positive impact on ensuring food security, while rebuilding ecosystems. Our goal is simple and measurable.

We now need your financial support to make this project a «Resounding Success» that will improve the lives of hundreds of small farmers and their families, reduce deforestation and fight global warming through collective and intergenerational intervention.

Proof that we are on the right track… The Impact Fund has chosen our project and will double the CHF 25’000 stake if we reach the same amount with 200 supporters. So your support counts double!

And more… Our project is realistic and attainable!

Indeed, the first bases are already in place. After acquiring the land; we have built a simple and functional accommodation that already allows us to host AF consultants and trainees (Wwoofing; HelpX) to assist us with first-hand knowledge transfer in the region.

We need to think big! Start local and act fast!

How your support will be used

In order to launch this project and create a real impact, we need to guarantee the training of at least 250 farmers, buy all the necessary equipment and improve the reception conditions on the farm. However, our working hours will not be paid.

In this crowdfunding campaign, we are working with 2 levels of funding.

  • Goal 1: CHF 25’000 and 200 supporters: This stake will be automatically doubled with the Impact Fund and guarantees the training of 250 farmers
  • Goal 2: CHF 63’700 ensures the training of over 500 farmers over 3 years

Beyond CHF 63’700, every CHF will be invested in the education of children in the community.

Because children are the seeds of sustainable change!

Our goal is clear, together we want to make a real impact and reverse the paradigms, regenerate the soil and show that climate and nature protection can go hand in hand with agriculture.


  • Training & Teaching materials : CHF 33’700

  • Tools & Agricultural equipment : CHF 15’700

  • Fitting out & Construction : CHF 7’500

  • Travel & Communication : CHF 3’300

  • Reserve for contingencies : CHF 3’500

We will also have to pay 10% to the «WeMakeIt» site for commission fees.

Please write to us: we will answer all your questions!

«The quality of life of those who live in the cities depends on those who live in the countryside. Without forests, no project will save us.» Kelli, Family Farmer

Thank you in advance for your support and trust!