ALATA produces natural aperitifs in Valais. Two years ago, the adventure began with a range of Vermouths and continues today with three new homemade aperitifs.

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ALATA Swiss Apéritif

ALATA produces natural and innovative aperitifs in Valais. Two years ago the adventure began with a range of Vermouths, a naturally flavoured bitter drink made from Valais plants and wine.

It continues today with three new original aperitifs, locally and artisanally produced, which we invite you to discover today.

Le Gin Valaisan

First of all, Le Gin Valaisan. A delicate and subtle gin, developed in collaboration with the legendary Distillerie Morand in Martigny. This original recipe, where the sweetness of Valais pears meets the character of juniper, is to be enjoyed on ice with a lemon peel or lengthened with tonic. This newcomer to the flourishing artisanal gin market will quickly find his place on your terrace and in all the carnotzets of the canton starting from July.

ALATA Aperitivo + Vermouth Rosé

Then we continue the exploration around Vermouth with ALATA Rosé. Unique in its kind: sweet and with citrus aromas, this new recipe with plants will please many people. Generous and refreshing, ALATA Rosé will be the ideal companion for your aperitifs with friends.

And finally ALATA Apéritivo, our new aperitif from the Swiss Alps. A real local and 100% natural alternative for Spritz cocktail. The twenty plants that make up its recipe give it an aromatic complexity and a subtle balance between sweetness and bitterness. Its beautiful red hue, extracted naturally from plants, will give the Swiss Spritz a unique colour.