«ALATA» Vermouth

by Hugo Pozzo di Borgo


ALATA is a Swiss artisanal vermouth produced from Valais wine. It is a contemporary and natural reinterpretation of this drink that we invite you to discover first hand today.

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ALATA Vermouth

Passionate about the many aromas of wines, I spent months in my workshop mixing, testing, infusing, until I came up with a contemporary reinterpretation of the Vermouth that I am the only one to produce in Switzerland today.

This vermouth is a naturally flavored and unfiltered wine and it’s even better paired with ice cubes and a zest of citrus fruit.

I propose for you to discover this drink by pre-ordering it today, with the guarantee of a delivery in early July for the beginning of the beautiful season.

ALATA Vermouth
ALATA Vermouth

What is ALATA Vermouth?

ALATA Vermouth is a wine made from Valais wines fortified with grape brandy and flavored with aromatic plants (herbs, berries, roots, flowers, fruits, barks).

ALATA à la tienne
ALATA à la tienne

ALATA Vermouth is now available in two versions:

ALATA Red, a very refined dry vermouth. Emphasis on fruits and roots in order to produce a slight bitterness.

ALATA White, a very expressive dry vermouth. Emphasis on the bitterness of plants, and the acidity of the citrus fruits.

ALATA will soon offer a wider range of Vermouth.

  • ALATA Red
    ALATA Red
  • ALATA White
    ALATA White