Album «Di fliendike pave»

de Isabel Frey

Vienne et New York

The new album by Yiddish singer Isabel Frey and her ensemble with her own settings of Yiddish poetry and fresh arrangements of well-known and lesser-known Yiddish folksongs

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Yiddish songs beyond time

My new album «Di Fliendike Pave» (Yiddish for «The Flying Peacock») deals with the continuity of Yiddish songs over time. The peacock is a folkloric symbol of Yiddish poetry and creativity. The album, which I recorded with a great ensemble of klezmer musicians, consists mostly of specially set Yiddish poetry from the early 20th century, especially by often forgotten modernist Yiddish poets. There are also new interpretations and arrangements of well-known and lesser-known folk songs. With this album I try to create a musical experience beyond nostalgia, in which Yiddish is not seen as a relic of a lost world, but as part of a living cultural tradition.

Album Artwork by Myrte de Zeeuw
Album Artwork by Myrte de Zeeuw

A multifaceted ensemble

While my first album was largely solo, on this new album I am supported by an outstanding ensemble: Klezmer violinist Zoe Aqua, vocalist and bassist Benjy Fox-Rosen, accordionist Ivan Trenev, clarinetist Moritz Weiss, and Alexander Yannilos on percussion. In their arrangements and compositions, our ensemble combines a variety of influences, including klezmer, Romanian and south-eastern European folk music, contemporary classical music and jazz. At the same time, the interpretation of the songs is firmly rooted in Eastern European Jewish music culture and its traditional singing styles.

Photo by Simon Reithofer
Photo by Simon Reithofer

This is what I need support for

The album will be released at the end of October 2024 by the New York music label «Borscht Beat», a music label for new Yiddish music. But in order for me to finish producing the CD by then, I urgently need your support. This will cover the studio and recording costs as well as the mixing and mastering by Alexander Yannilos, the graphics by Hannah Mayr, the artwork by Myrte de Zeeuw, videos by Simon Reithofer and the production costs for the CD. The CD will come with a detailed booklet with all Yiddish texts in transliteration and translation, as well as additional information about the poets and composers. I am really happy about every contribution, whether small or large, and say «a hartsikn dank»!

Photo by Michèle Pauty
Photo by Michèle Pauty