A farm store, but in the middle of the city! The Alpomat offers the best regional farm and alpine products directly from the farm. Sustainable for all: fair prices, environmentally & animal friendly.

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The Alpomat brings high-quality products directly from farmers to the city

The finest products can be found in farm stores in the countryside. But most people live and work in the city. No problem for the Alpomat, because this small vending machine works like a farm store, but is just around the corner in the neighborhood. The products in the Alpomat all come from environmentally and animal-friendly production and are made with love on the farms. The farming families can sell their products without intermediaries and thus also receive a fair price themselves. Everyone benefits from this sustainable idea! And who invented it? A farmer, of course! Together with her husband, Margrit Abderhalden runs an organic farm in Gibswil ZH, where they produce various cheese and other dairy products, sausages, syrups, jams and much more. Since their farm is remote, Margrit had the idea to sell the products in the city and this around the clock in a vending machine. Thanks to the support of the Kleinbauern-Vereinigung (Small Farmers Association), the idea was turned into reality and the first Alpomats were launched as a pilot project in Zurich. Today, 13 farming families from the region produce products for the Alpomat. This results in a varied, unique assortment for every taste.

Sustainability and fairness unite the initiators of the Alpomat

The farming families contributing to the Alpomat and the Kleinbauernvereinigung are united by the conviction that a diverse and ecological agriculture produces the best food. And these fine, gently processed products should also be easily accessible to consumers at fair prices. A fair price also means that the farmers are decently compensated for the laborious manual work. Only farms that manage their farm in a natural and ecological way and keep their animals in a species-appropriate manner can sell products in the Alpomat. The participating farms have set themselves production criteria, which can be viewed at www.alpomat.ch. Quickly perishable fresh produce is not (yet) offered for logistical reasons, as food waste would contradict Alpomat’s promise of sustainability. The Alpomat initiators also want to promote and preserve the production diversity of regional specialties.

We need your support

The Alpomat is still in the pilot phase until the end of 2022. However, it is already available at 10 locations in Zurich, and hopefully there will soon be more. The demand from consumers is there, but we have to optimize our processes to achieve this. Because quality and sustainability are absolutely key, the logistics should be as sustainable as possible. This requires investments. Specifically, we need your support for the following three purchases and cost blocks:

  • Purchase of a vehicle for filling the Alpomats more efficiently
  • Establishment of a small storage area in Zurich
  • Optimization of the Alpomats (technology, payment processes & user friendliness)

With your help, we can continue to develop the Alpomat in the long term. This investment means that we can open more locations in Zurich and always do so in a sustainable way. It also means that more farmers can sell without intermediaries and more consumers can enjoy fine farm and alpine products. In this respect, your contribution also supports the belief that it is possible to produce food sustainably and fairly for the environment, producers and consumers. Join the crowdfunding now…we have great rewards lined up for you! If you have any questions, just send us a message!