About the Project

Our animation film project «Als die Nacht begann» brings to life the homonymous graphic novel of the author and illustrator Thomas Fatzinek. «Als die Nacht begann» recounts the history of the first armed uprising against fascism in Europe: the February Wars of 1934 in Austria.


How are we producing the Film

The graphic novel was produced using the linocutting technique. To keep the authenticity, we are taking over the production method and are producing the Film using linocuts.

How are we doing this? After the animation is developed digitally at first, the individual pictures of the animation are linocut using a CNC mill. These are then printed, digitized and animated. The usage of linocutting in a major animation project is unheard of and can also be seen as a political statement and hommage to the time of censorship, during which linocutting was used to print leaflets and political caricatures.

Production Hardfacts

For the film we are going to produce 5.760 linocuts using a CNC mill. The mill will be running for three months, assuming a runtime of 40 hours a week.

Length: about 12 minutes.

Format: Ultra HD

Completion: Planned June 2017

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The cinematic goals of this film are marked by the passion for experimentation with film aesthetic, and the interplay of analogue and digital media. The unconventional production method of linocutting used in the movie creates a unique aesthetic. Our research showed that our project is singular in it’s nature as a linocut animation that is not experimental in style. This makes creating a linocut animation, with a runtime of 12 minutes, narration and story, particularly exciting and special.

Politically, we want to create a clear and understandable depiction of the end of the First Republic and the establishment of Austrofascism, using a medium which people can easily approach, even if they don’t feel like reading a book. The uprising in 1934 is largely taboo as a topic. To date it is not known, how many people really lost their lives in the days of the civil war. The estimates of historians range from 300 to 1500 deaths.

Through the visualisation of these traumatic events, we aim to remind of political responsibility and pay respect to the civil courage and bravery of the people who stood against it.

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Who we are

We are RINGECK Film, bahoe books, Thomas Fatzinek, Michael Ammer and David Pridal. We love playing with various forms of media as well the chance to create a new political awareness and a new point of view.

Why we need you, our beloved backers.

The project lives off of our passion and time. We have contacted many sponsors, but this project can only become reality with your help. The organisation and production will take many work-intensive months. With your help we can cover the costs of materials (Printing Materials, CNC Mill, etc.) which are crucial for this project.