Love for the Countryside in Times of Crisis

We are Cosimo and Daniela and for the last 25 years we have been taking care of and promoting the countryside in Liguria. Our project started in 1993 when we decided to leave the city life in Milan to rediscover the values and simplicity of life in balance with nature. Today together with our children we continue working with all our effort and love at our farm house, la Ca’ dell’Alpe. However, since last year our work have been put to test.

Our source of livelihood, which derives from the sale of homegrown and homemade products, guests in our farm house and camping, came to a stop. In autumn of 2019 the heavy rains have caused landslides on the roads of our small village placing it in isolation. After this the Coronavirus emergency has forced us into an even longer period of closure.

Today we find ourselves in great difficulty and we are unsure if after this crisis we will be able to recover and reopen. We are looking for your help to overcome these hard times and continue to protect and support these wonderful locations.

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A country side to discover

Our presence on the territory as a farm house allows us to preserve the agricultural and natural environment, which was abandoned after the war by people who migrated to big cities. As a result, the unmanaged land became more prone to wildfires, which often brought long term damages to the environment and animals living within it.

Thanks to the recent opening of our Agricamping immersed in the woods of Rialto, we have given a new life to wonderful places such as «La Cascata delle Libellule Blu» (The Waterfall of the Blue Dragonflies), a lost jewel of our hinterland. Every spring we work hard to clear the path that takes to the waterfall, giving the opportunity for everyone to visit this magical corner, with the utmost respect for nature.

In these years of our activity there have been many projects that we have brought to life that make us proud of our work; educational activities for children, welcoming organised groups of people with disabilities to enjoy nature, production and sale of homemade products and making our farm house eco sustainable with the production of clean energy with solar power and the use of biomass heating system.

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Our Future

We love and cherish our job and in this period of crisis we fear for our future. Thanks to your help we will be able to cover the necessary cost of running the farm that cannot be ignored, such as the care of animals, fields and woods. With your support we can continue to value this land and allow everyone to experience it with us. Together we can do it!

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