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Art Container on the bank of the Rhine

In and around Basel, everyone knows the «Buvettes», the open air summer bars on the bank of the river Rhine that invite passers-by to sit down, have a drink and bite to eat and enjoy the view across the river.

One of these Buvettes, named «Oetlinger Buvette», is housed in two repurposed shipping containers, the sides of which soon turn into beautiful potential large-scale canvases in the mind of the ambitious artist - that’s how the idea of turning the Oetlinger Buvette into an oversized painting-sculpture during this year’s ART Basel was born.

Visualisation / Model

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Your Support

I won’t bore you with technical details of how the design will be realised – I have a good plan!

However, it takes a bit of money to make a project of this size happen. I’m putting up some of that money – CHF 1’500 – myself (total projected cost is CHF 6’000). I do need your help for the rest, though (of course, I’m not unhappy if this campaign raises more than the aimed-for CHF 4’500 but that amount is the minimum necessary to be able to go ahead)!

There is not a penny / cent in this budget to pay for labour, it only covers the cost of materials, transport and rent of production facilities. My team and I are putting in the many hundreds of hours of our time free of charge.

The project is also not an «exhibition», that’s to say, there won’t be anything for sale. This really is just a labour of love and our only motivation is to create something beautiful for the enjoyment of the general public, thereby contributing to the art buzz that prevails in the city of Basel during the ART Basel week and to encourage thought and discussion about art.

The Rewards

As reward / thank you for your generous support, you get – apart from my sincere gratitude – art! In order for you to know what you are deciding for, I have included photographs / visualisations of the artworks in question below. The numbers in the image captions correspond to the numbers in the reward descriptions.

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Please note

  • differences in colour between the computer visualisation or the photograph of actual artwork and the final original artwork may occur.
  • I will be in Basel during the whole ART Basel week – it goes without saying that I would love to meet any of my supporters who are there during that or any other time when we’re both in Basel at the «Oetlinger Buvette» for a drink and a bite to eat!
  • *reward 8 only available to those living in London or Switzerland (personal home visit at a mutually agreed date and time)
  • ** rewards 9 – 13 available to everyone, although home delivery only possible to those living either in Switzerland or in London
  • rewards 1 - 5 will be sent out at the end of August 2015
  • rewards 6 & 7 will be sent out at the end of September 2015
  • rewards 9 – 13 will be sent out at the end of July 2015 (in case of home delivery at a mutually agreed date and time)
  • to work out at what level you’re supporting in your currency (approximately), multiply the CHF (Swiss franc) amounts x 0.70 to get GPB / x 1.05 to get US $ / x 0.97 to get Euros