We searched for a long time for words that could quickly describe our project and frankly, apart from «GOOD, WARM and WET» we couldn't find. Participate to make our SPA a unique place in Valais!

CHF 106’369

163% of CHF 65’000

163 %
This is how it worksÀ

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 16/7/2020

The charm of an authentic Wellness Area, a true alpine cocoon

« Breathe in 
 breathe out 
 close your eyes, take two minutes and think of yourself, for you. What are you looking for? A cocoon, a warm, comfortable space, a slight sound of water flowing behind you, the smell of old wood pervades the room, the sunlight outside passes through your eyelids and gives your thoughts an orange tone, you could perceive the beating of your heart slowing down. It calms you down/soothes you and you open your eyes. Imposing mountains, peaks over 3000m high, right there in front of you. What a privileged moment when you think of all the people in traffic jams right now /at the same time. It must be chilly outside, but you’re here, warm and at this very moment you don’t need to think about anything but yourself. Moreover, you’ve already forgotten that only just yesterday you finished an exhausting week of work. »

Today the Art.Boutique.Hotel Beau-SĂ©jour wants to make you live this moment (for you and your friends, and their friends, too) and offers you to participate in the financing of some elements that will make this SPA a unique place in the Val d’Illiez (the valley of water), in exchange for various great counterparts !

What's so special about our project ?

First, its location. Within the Hotel Beau-SĂ©jour, a hundred-year-old family-run business, well established in the heart of ChampĂ©ry (Valais, Switzerland), just opposite the Dents du Midi. The view is breathtaking and soothing. The place inspires calm and serenity; We – Sophie, Philippe and Arnaud, the owners of the establishment – strive to bring you, decoration in the purest Alp Chic style and fullfill your needs with our know-how in terms of hospitality and management. And there will be little extras to create an exceptional and fun experience.

More generally, this is a great project for the economic and tourist development of the municipality of Champéry. For us it is important to include this project in a vision of sustainable development integrating the local community.

What will your support be used for?

We took care of the structural work, the infrastructure, the technical design and the choice of the basic modules. But we need your help to put the icing on the cake :

  • the relaxation area,
  • the decoration of the place in an alpine cocoon style, and
  • some additional elements such as fireplace and incubator lamps.

The aim of this participative financing is to allow us, with your support, to go through with our initial idea by bringing in elements that differentiate this space to create a unique atmosphere and offer a particular customer experience.

Much of the heavy infrastructure financing for this project is done through public and private channels, but there is a piece missing to make the cake whole.

Each level will allow us to get a little closer to the ultimate goal, which is to offer a perfectly finished, original and differentiating product. We are looking for:

  • a minimum of 65 000 CHF,
  • 120 000 CHF if possible, and
  • 150 000 CHF ideally.

We would like to thank all those who will make this project possible by proposing counterparts that are equal to the stakes that this represents for us and for our entire region.

Discover them quickly, you won’t be disappointed.