What we want to achieve with this project.

We would like to bring top quality wines directly from the winery/producer at a fair price: this is our promise.

The first delivery we plan is from Fautor winery in Moldova. In translation from Latin «Fautor» means «the author, the creator» and emphasizes the personal, family approach as well as the responsibility for quality. We invite you to be one of the Fautors - together with us! We have set ourselves on a discovery journey together with local wine experts. The goal of working with renowned winemakers and oenologists is to find wines that are unique and bring out the soul of the country. In this case - of Moldova. Under the name «Explorateurs du vin» we would like to bring 3 to 5 exclusive wines per year from the best wineries to Switzerland. Those wines are limited to a few thousand bottles editions (or sometimes less) and yet are not overpriced. We traveled, visited and tasted these wines, and we don’t make any compromises! Neither with the chosen product, nor with the bottle and label design, nor with the pricing. Every wine is carefully selected by us and include tastiest wine-jewels from small wineries and limited productions. Our promise is possible and assured with our dedication, passion for wines and experience, as well as long-term trusted relationships with top wineries across Eastern Europe.

Being part of our exclusive community, you can have a say in the selection of the wines that will be coming in next. We would like to hear your voice! When purchasing the next limited editions of «Explorateurs du vin», you will also have an exclusive right of the first purchase for the same amount in the following year. How special this sounds? :)

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My project is special because..

Moldova has a very long history of wine production, with the first vines recorded in 7’000BC and wine-making around 3’000BC. Most curious fact: a group of wine producers from Vevey, Switzerland, settled in Moldova in 1822 to cultivate grapes and make wine near the Black Sea. Did you know about this? Moreover, Moldovan soils were used by Russian Tsars and British royals to grow the grapes for the wines for their private wine-caves. It sits at 46-47° latitude – roughly the same as Switzerland and South of France. Most of the Moldovan wineries and vineyards are located in the grape growing areas of southern and central Moldova, at the same latitude as Bordeaux in France.

We love wines from Moldova! Red wines from the PGI Valul lui Traian, the area where vines of Fautor winery are growing, were fascinating us for a long time. Fautor’s highly awarded wines (NEGRE, FUME BLANC, ILLUSTRO) come from there. In early spring 2018 we started exploring the wines of this country, and its special micro-zones. After many vineyards’ visits, wine tasting moments and journeys, we found it: in a small but fine, family owned winery. Then we knew: this would be our first wine project! Together with the winemaker family and their unique oenologist, we composed a list of their special wines. These wines take their roots from the medieval Swiss wine makers and seem to translate it in their taste: honest, different, profound and with incredible finesse.

Grape varieties:

  • Fumé Blanc 2017: Sauvignon Blanc - 100%.
  • NEGRE 2017: Feteasca Neagră (Black) - 51% & Rara Neagră (Black) - 49%.
  • ILLUSTRO red 2015: Cabernet Sauvignon 65% & Merlot 35%.
  • ILLUSTRO white 2016: Chardonnay 60% & Sauvignon Blanc 25% & Rhein Riesling 15%.

You can have them from the start...

Support us in bringing these unforgettable FAUTOR wines to the market just before Christmas 2020! With the money raised, we will also ensure the necessary start-up capital for our next wine selection. Isn’t this exciting?

The ones on the list are:

  • Fautor NEGRE 2017 at CHF 49,9 per bottle; now, CHF 30 (including shipping of the bottles);
  • Fautor Fumé Blanc 2017 at CHF 39,90 per bottle; now only CHF 25 (including shipping of the bottles);
  • Fautor ILLUSTRO red 2015 at CHF 49,9 per bottle; now, CHF 25 (including shipping of the bottles); and
  • Fautor ILLUSTRO white 2016 at CHF 34,90 per bottle; now only CHF 20 (including shipping of the bottles).

You can already pre-order these FAUTOR wines as part of this crowdfunding project exclusively for a reduced price (including shipping of the bottles). As a participant in the crowdfunding of our first wine delivery, you will become part of the «Explorateurs du vin» community. In the near future you will have a say from which PGI/region we should bring top wine/s and what kind of wine you would like to be brought to Switzerland. You can then purchase these limited top wines at a reduced price in the next crowdfunding round, which, with your help, will be in 2021.

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