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What it’s all about

In September 2016 I published the Book «Beezza! – Das Bienenkochbuch» ( Beezza! – The honeybee cook book) in german language. Did you know, that beekeepers in little Switzerland cut out more than 100 tons of larvas and pupas of male honeybees each year and throw them away? These are best edible insects. In all Europe more than 1000 tons of this excellent delicacy are wasted every year. Is that sustainable?

Why produce mealworms, while we throw away masses of drones of honeybees, produced in established food facilities?
That’s why I wrote the book about harvesting and preparation of drones for food.
Now I am asked to translate it to english, because the topic is not only interesting for the german speaking part of the world, but for all of the so called «civilized western countries» where we begin to think about an update to entomophagy 2.0.
Therefor I would like to translate and print it in english, if you help me please. In english it will be intiteled « Beezza! – The Kingbee Cook Book». First edition: 500 copies. I’m sure we make it. Watch my video

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Who I am

Daniel Ambuehl, Swiss artist, mushroom cultivator, beetle breeder, expert for edible insects. I operate two Youtube channels about edible insects ( Skyfood – edible insects) and about beetle breeding (beetle breeding Daniel Ambuehl)

I believe, that my book «Beezza! The Kingbee Cook Book can provide some important nutritional elements for a healthy and serious discussion about the update of the western foodworld to entomophagy 2.0


English version (short)


Englische Version (extended version with beetles)

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