Bli Bli is an ecological innovation for second hand. Instead of sending the item by mail, buyers and sellers are connected through relay stores in their regions.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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What's the big deal?

Every year, the world throws away 92 million tonnes of clothes and, by 2030, this number is expected to reach 134 million! Where does it all go?

Only 3% of donated clothes are actually reused! 10% are burned, 33% are recycled and 54% are exported, usually to Africa. The journey from your local bin to, for example Kenya, who imported 185 tonnes of clothes in 2019 alone, itself contributes to 217kg of CO2. But the story doesn’t end there…

Once the clothes reach their destination, some of it gets sold at the local second-hand market, but 40% still end up on landfills, severely damaging the soil and polluting the ocean. How can we stop this from happening by getting rid of clothes more sustainably?

  • Donated clothes are polluting the ocean
    Donated clothes are polluting the ocean
  • Landfill in Ghana
    Landfill in Ghana
  • Beach in Kenya
    Beach in Kenya

Our solution

Bli Bli is a globally local solution for getting rid of fast fashion sustainably. It is a buy-and-sell platform for second hand clothes… with a twist!

If you want to sell locally, it’s often quite complicated to find the right customer and arrange a time to meet. And, if you’re selling on a global marketplace, mailing the parcel to your customer requires a lot of transportation.

On Bli Bli, however, instead of mailing the item, the buyer and seller are connected through a system of relay stores in their area. When you register on the app, you define your radius, so that the customers and the sellers are all nearby. When someone wants to buy your article, you both chose a relay store in your area. You drop off the article at the said store and, within three days, the customer comes to pick it up.

Transportation is reduced to a minimum and, as a nice little, but not negligible, side effect, we’re promoting local stores, who are benefiting from a new flow of clients. No cargo ships, no unnecessary CO2 and no shipping costs for the customer. Everybody wins!

  • Step by step
    Step by step
  • User-friendly interface
    User-friendly interface
  • Hashtags! 🤩
    Hashtags! 🤩

From family business to worldwide change

Our family second hand store in Geneva «Boutique Lucky» has greatly inspired the project. While managing the shop for generations, we were able to observe the in-and-outs of the second hand business and note some of its biggest advantages and flaws.

We have been working on this project since January 2022 and would greatly appreciate your help in making our dream a reality! We are currently in contact with computer developers and the funding will be used to develop the application.

  • Your 25’000CHF will allow us to develop a first alpha version of the application.
  • The additional 25’000CHF from Impact Fund will allow us to develop a first working version of the application.
  • If we manage to exceed 50’000CHF, each additional amount will allow us to add more features to the application and make it even better.
Where it all started
Where it all started